yesterday I came home from work and no one was home,It was like 110 here and I was wiped out.I went out to the pool ******** off my cloths and jumped in the pool,It felt so good swimming nude and being in the water,I was laying on the raft on my stomach and was almost asleep when my roomates girlfriend came home a caught me naked in the pool.She was quiet and snuck up on me,she waited untill i was close to the edge of the pool and dumped cold water on my bare butt.I must have jump a foot in the air and she was laughing her *** off I was so embarrased but i just kept swimming for a while and then when she was in the house I got out of the pool,As i did I saw her looking out the window at me,I grabbed a towel and dried off and then put in over my waist.It was quite excitting knowing she was watching me.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Sounds like she was curious .is this the first time seeing u naked