Dared And Forced To Stay Bottomless At A Party.

This is my second time being naked in-front of a person or people, after the other story at the hotel I posted. This one was quite recent.

A friend of mine hosted a sleepover birthday party at his house and I was told I could come via Facebook. He also said there will be drinks. Lot's of pre-planning took place on the Facebook group chat and we were all pretty exited about it. There was 2 other girls and 3 boys coming with me. A friend who wasn't going dared me to go wearing no panties. And I did. I wasn't expecting anything to happen, so it wasn't such a big deal.

During the sleepover at about 3am we were bored and tipsy enough to play dares. There were lot's of weird dares before the main one. One of the girls I didn't know too well dared me to take my jeans off. I instantly went red and remembered I had nothing BUT my jeans x) The whole group seemed very enthusiastic toward the idea and kept persuading me.

I admitted that I wasn't wearing anything underneath and if I took them off they would all see me naked, one said "Do it anyway!" and they all agreed and continued on, the girls eager to see me embarrassed. After about 5 minutes of this I knew I didn't really have a choice. I was preparing to do it and realized that it doesn't matter. It would be hilarious.

I said Okay and I closed my eyes tight, unzipped my jeans and took them clean off. I threw them away and there was a cheer. The girl who dared me took my trousers away and hid them from me. I didn't bother to look and just decided to stay that way with everyone for the rest of night. We continued on and eventually stopped dares. We watched a movie and fell asleep at 6am.

I spent most of the time sitting with my head on my knees, my arms around my legs and my legs covering up my parts tightly together. There was no talk of the fact I wasn't wearing anything below my waist the whole time while we watched the movie. It became a bit of a blur, but I know I fell asleep at about 6am on my back.

I woke up 3 hours later at 9 before anyone else and saw that I my goods were showing the whole time I was asleep. I tried to wake up the girl who dared me and ask her where she put them. She was half asleep but managed to say "I put them in the closet in *boy*'s room". I ran up covering myself, hoping that none of the others living in the house would catch me and retrieved my jeans, slipped them on and waited until everyone woke up.

Similarly to the previous occurrence, there was no talk about what happened. Even now.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience ^^

I apologize for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. I'm from Korea. I know English very, very well, and I have been living in England for a very long time, but I might slip up at times ^^
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Your spelling and grammar are better than many of the people on here.
Try "practicing" being nude or partially nude. It's really a wonderful feeling. As the other reader suggested, perhaps you could go to a nude beach some time. I would love to introduce you to the wonders of nudism.


You're a wonderful story-teller (perfect English), & sure have a big heart & an open mind.

You must make a wonderful friend!

Next time you do this, try to be easy-going about exposing yourself. After all, it's all about having a good time, & you're making the world more beautiful by having fun this way among people who are cool about it.

The world would be a better place with more women enjoying bottomless adventures! Thinking about it gives me a floaty, appreciative feeling.

Rock on! :D

Incredible english for a korean.. For anyone really, I know people who only speak english and can't spell/put sentences together as well as you lol