Tied Naked In A Locker Room


one day i was at the pool changing in the locker room when these older guys grabbed my towel put me in the girls locker room naked and tied my legs and arms to a pole so i couldnt cover my junk after they were done they left quickly then girls from my school my swim team and a couple of girls i didnt know as well came in and saw me and started laughing they were all making fun of me about my package size and i had no way to cover myself up then about a half hour my swim coach (who is a girl) came in to see what was going on she saw me and laughed but had the girls untie me after they did i covered my junk even though it was probably to late at that point my coach had me follow her to the coaches office but still left me completly naked then she gave me a lecture and told me that there is nothing to be ashamed of i stayed silent because i didnt know where she was going with this she said i need to proud of what i have and told me to show her wut ive got so reluctantly i got up and removed my hands she just smiled and said i was free to go the problem was that the only two ways out was in the girls locker room or out to the pool so i went through the girls locker room when they saw me still naked they just laughed but ignored me this os what i would call bad luck
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

Do you have a small penis-is that why they all laughed