I Didn't Realize That The Blinds Were Mostly See-through!

On a visit to my friends house, I had to take a shower very early. It was still dark outside, so I had to turn on all the bathroom lights. The fabric blinds were down so I assumed it was private in there.

Innocently, I removed all of my clothes and while completely naked I went through all of my normal routines. I brushed my teeth and trimmed my nails. Then showered and then fixed my hair before getting dressed. I took my time and stood quite close to the window while using the mirror to apply my makeup. I am very skinny with tiny breasts, but I feel attractive and I don't have any hangups about nudity.

I had to rush out to catch the bus to go to work. While standing at the bus stop, I looked back at my friends house and noticed the light wink on in a window. My friend was in the same washroom that I had been in earlier and I CLEARLY saw through the blinds! I don't think she realized that even though you couldn't see out, everyone could see in...

She even undressed just like I had done and I saw EVERYTHING!  I love her so much, she is so attractive. It was fascinating to see natural nudity like that. Then a thought occurred to me...

I was in view of everyone outside (as well) when I had been in there before. As I recall, I was standing even closer to the window than she was. Yikes!  People were around walking their dogs and cars were going by. I saw a guy standing on a balcony having a cigarette while looking directly at my friend!!! It was exciting to see that someone was enjoying the freebie treat (seeing natural nudity).

But honestly, it didn't bother me to know that I had been probably seen while nude. As a matter of fact I plan on putting on more of a "show" next time. I almost missed my bus because I couldn't take my eyes off my innocent friend. It aroused me so much. All day I was imagining what I could do the next time I had an opportunity to shower in there. I could barely function because of my wild thoughts planning what I would try when I had a chance to be in that washroom again.

Deep down I am an exhibitionist. See my other experiences by clicking on my name and then "stories" or "my blog."

Stay tuned...
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Our oceanfront vacation home has reflective blinds to eliminate heat during the day especially the afternoon when the sun starts in downward movement. What we didn't think about or care, frankly, it at night you can see in IF there is a light source inside. Our master bath has a large window cut down to the top of the tub. I have gone in to have a bubble bath when some males friends were having cigars on the deck.
I even have seen one friend receiving a blow job when they thought they had total privacy.


Love it! But are you so sure your friend is so innocent?

Great fun! Leave the drapes / blinds open on the chance anyone outside might see in when my wife changes, showers, dries her hair, etc.

Superb. More people should buy blinds like those.

I have the slat blinds that you can angle up and down. Some times I open them up a l little whilst wandering round naked knowing that there is a chance someone might see me.

Even better than those slat blinds is the fabric blinds with a certain percentage of transparency. You can easily pretend that you are unaware of an audience!

Back years ago when reflective (mirror) window film was popular for keeping the house cooler some people got into a discussion about it at church one evening. One lady was extolling how wonderful it was and she was so delighted that she could keep her drapes and blinds open all day and nobody could see in from the outside while she could see out perfectly. I remarked that only in the day time was this true. She asked what I meant. I explained that the film reflects the greater light, thus at night people can see in from the outside as the inside light, being greater, was reflected back to the inside. "In other words, "I said, "don't walk naked in front of the windows at night with the drapes or blinds open or everyone outside can see everything inside." She froze and her face turned very pale. I walked up close to her and whispered, "Gotcha, huh?" She never said another word but made a very quick exit while the rest of us exploded in laughter.

For me - seeing that particular story had me rolling on the floor in stitches! I wish I had seen the look on her face...

But people are so funny. What is the big deal about being nude in your own space? Yesterday a woman freaked on me because of my love of exhibitionism. Her mind was already made up that I was a creep and she refused my attempts to discuss my thoughts with her. I eventually had to block her because she seemed violent and dangerous.

There are some strange people on EP - and in the world... Hope she did not affect your desire to have fun letting others see your sexy bod!

We rent our oceanfront vacation home out for portions of the year. I have often wondered, due to our own experiences, how many people accidentally discovered after the fact that what naughty act they had performed could have been seen by others.

That's funny lol

We used to live across the street from a house that had three teenage, then twenty-something girls living there, in two upstairs bedrooms. We all called it the 'fishbowl' because they never seemed to lower the blinds until they turned the lights out to sleep. We couldnt see everything, because we were looking up from the ground level, but we often saw them walking around topless and sometimes, if they walked close enough to the low-set windows, we could see their bottoms, or flashes of their pubic areas...the brunette had a nicely trimmed bush, and the two blondes were either completely shaven/waxed, or they were just so light in color that they looked like 'smoothies'. Eventually they moved out, one by one... a sad time for us.

It's so nice to read about the experience from the. - other side! When I *****, I'm never quite sure if the person who sees me really enjoys looking! But your story gives me encouragement...

I used to live opposite a house in which a late teens girl lived. She had one of the front bedrooms. Around the same time most nights she would undress, shower and then dress in her PJs. I used to make sure that I was in my room with the light off ready to watch.

She had a stunning body, with decent sized ****, and I used to jack off watching her most nights. I was in that house for about 9 months (one year while at university), and I must say, my **** was sore by the end of that year!!!!

you are not alone... but honest! lmao

Wow, where can I get a set of those blinds?

wish I had neighbors like you

There is nothing wrong with a bit of exhibition. Just part of the "Beautify America" campaign.

Wow, that is a great comment!

Sexy ... I love exhibitionists like you !

Thank you!