Cruise Ship Nudie

I have taken many cruises and have gotten nude on every one. On one cruise I was on my balcony nude while in port and even waved to the people that went past the ship on tender boats. The balcony has a glass side so everyone can see right through it. I also have gotten nude in the wirlpool (adult only area) many times. Once I even asked the pool attendant if it was OK to get nude in the wirlpool and they said as long as no one objected. I stayed nude for an hour or two and never had anyone object. Loved it.
I did try to get my wife to go on a nude cruise but she was against it. Maybe some other time I can go. She kept saying it was a swingers cruise and not just a nude cruise. 
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

My wife and me at times walk around without clothes inside our home, especially on hot summers after dinner. Our children have seen us but we haven't encouraged them to join us since they grew up beyond their puberty. One summer evening I went upstairs for my shower and a leisure lounging in the balcony. I felt a little fizzy to go walking in the nude and stretch out on the lounger and lavishly enjoy the light breeze there . I was only in the hallway. I was just absentminded my sister-in law (wife's elder sister) on her short visit to us was staying with us. Abruptly she entered the hallway. Obviously I was startled. but she coolly smiled telling, wonderful. I never thought you enjoy nudism.." Still in her composed smile she continued, "My sister hasn't told me of this, let me first go and get her too and I think you don't mind we together have an informal good cheer enjoying the cool breeze caressing our skin".

Good going. Laws on nudity don't apply off shore. Why not just take a naked walk through the ship. The worst that could happen is for the crew ask you not to do it again.