First (and Only) Time

I remember it like it was yesterday! I was about 12 and just entering puberty. My older brother had coerced me into going naked at home a few times and I was, by then, comfortable being naked around the other guys at school, but that was normal. THIS day was different, because I was caught totally unaware and with nowhere to hide.

As I said, I was about 12. It was a weekend afternoon and I wore my robe to the hall bathroom in our home in upstate NY. My mom was downstairs doing laundry and such. Entering the long, narrow bathroom, I took off my robe and dropped it on the floor by the door. I walked to the back of the room to use the commode before taking my shower.

Suddenly the door popped open and my mom walled in carrying a stack of towels. I was standing at the other end of the room, totally naked! I froze! My mom hadn't seem me naked for probably six years or so. She came walking right in about three strides when she realized I was standing there. She stopped immediately and stared - and I was staring back! I had nowhere to go, nothing to cover myself with. I just stood there with her at the other end of the room looking at me.

She said something about not realizing anyone was in the room; I don't remember the words because I was scared and so embarrassed. But the worst (for me) was yet to come!

Rather than apologize and back out, she set the towels on the counter, took another step forward and dropped to her knees, evidently for a better look. A huge smile was filling her face as she looked at the evidence of her youngest boy's changes. Then, as if to complete my mortification, she exclaimed in a gleeful voice, "Ohhh! My little boy has pubic hair!"

I could have died right there! I was sure the neighbors could hear her excited announcement of my six or seven measly little hairs. I'd been so proud of them on my own or around the other boys at school - but in front of mom, all I felt was extreme embarrassment.

In retrospect, having become a parent myself, I now completely understand her fascination with the sight of her naked son reaching another milestone in his development. We all thrill to the sight of our kids' first smiles, first steps, first words. Puberty is but another "first" on their journey - but our society has made the observation of that milestone taboo. What a shame.

As I think back to that day, I do very clearly remember how hard that was on me - but it turns out, it was not the end of the world. And these days I'm so happy that my mom had that moment in her life!
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isn't it funny. How the stuff that used to mortify us when we were younger. And we thought was the most extreme horrible thing that could happen. We now find funny and remember fondly

Exactly my take on it!

How tall were you and did you not even put your hands down there at first. Was everything just hanging down and totally out and exposed and could mom see everything. How much hair did you havfe coming in down there and was that the last time mom saw you naked as a teenager?

It is good that you were used to being nude in front of guys in the locker room and in front of your brother cause cause tody are so shy and even shower in high school showers after football and basketball games in their boxers.

What part of USA were you from and were you circumcised?

I\'ll try to answer all your questions...

I was about my mom\'s height, maybe a bit less - probably right around five feet. Why I didn\'t cover myself with my hands is a good question. I think I was so shocked I just froze.

As to what my mom could see - everything! I can\'t say it was all \"hanging\" \'cause I was too small to \"hang,\" but everything was in her full view.

You asked how much hair I had - as I said in the story, I only had a very few, soft, barely visible strands. I was literally just starting puberty. And that the the first and only time she saw me naked as a teen (unless she peeked in on me at night or something when I was asleep because I\'d started sleeping with nothing on).

Your last questions - although this took place in the east, I\'m from the west and, yes, I was circumcised.

As a matter of fact, I still am! Circumcised, that is. HA!

MRK - exactly. But Now I'm curious... what were your son's experiments with nudity?

Great story of the real adventure of being a family. Your mom was very calm abut it all. Because of the responses i had as a boy, I made it a point to be totally supportive of my sons nude experiments.
Also I agree that today we make WAY too much out of common family shared nudity. Is very sad.

I completely agree.