Flash For Karen

This past weekend i had been out doing some running around and stopped by my ex sister in laws. When i came in she had company and it was karen and her daughter ( from caught and a double flash) The kids were downstairs playing on the computer and us adults were sitting up in the kitchen talking. My ex sister in law was doing laundry and had to run down stairs every now and then. At one point when my ex sister in law went down stairs karen and i sat there talking and she leaned over the table toward me and asked in a low voice, so are you still going out showing off. I smiled at her and said of course, then asked if she had liked the show she got before. She smiled and said she didnt mind it a bit and started to say something else but my ex sister in law came back up and she changed the subject. My ex sister in law said the kids were having a hell of a time with program on the computer and said lets move down stairs so we can help them a bit with it. We went down stairs and they helped the kids out while we sat talking.

After a little while i got a phone call and went upstairs to talk so i could hear and not bother them. I was sitting on the couch talking and karen came up and went into the bathroom. I went over to the top of the stairs and listened to see what was going on downstairs then went back into the living room. My ex sister in law was still helping the kids and when i heard karen getting thru in the bathroom i stood up and pushed my sweatpants down to my ankles and sat back down and waited till she came out of the bathroom. I sat there talking and reached down and started stroking my ****. Karen came out of the bathroom and down the hall and when she got into the living room she heard me still talking and looked over and stopped dead when she saw me sitting there. She stood there staring at me and i said i had to go and hung up the phone. I looked at karen and said i told you i still like showing off. She stood there staring at me and and said i see that. I got up and stepped over by her and asked if she wanted to watch me get off again. She looked around real fast and said you cant now what if somebody comes up. She said you better cover up before you get caught but stood there the whole time watching me stroking my ****.

She turned and started to go back down stairs and i pulled my sweats pants back up and followed her down. When we got down stairs my ex sister in law was sitting there helping the kids and karen went over to see what was going on. I sat down while they helped the kids and when no one was looking karen would look back at me and then down at my crotch. I would reach down and grab my **** when she did and she would just smile and turn back around. Karens daughter got up and went upstairs to the bathroom and when she came back down she went over to her mom and whispered something to her. Karen so oh, then turned around and told my ex sister in law she had to run to the store real fast and would be back in a few minutes. My ex sister in law said ok and karen asked if i would move my car. I said sure then said i need to get some cigarettes and i would take her up if she wanted me too. She said i didnt have too if i didnt want to and i told her it was no problem since i needed to get them anyway. She said ok and then said let me get my things. I told her i would meet her out in the car. I went out and got in the car and sat there waiting for her to come out. While i sat there waiting i figured i would have some fun and slid my sweat pants down and sat there.

Karen came out and walked around to the passenger side and opened the door and got in and looked over at me. She looked down at my **** and said your not going to drive like that are you. I smiled at her and said why not, she said but what if someone see's you. I told her thats the whole idea and started the car and took off. We drove along and she kept looking over at me then turning her head away looking out the window. I asked her what was wrong and she said i cant believe your doing that. I said why then said i told you before my ex got me into showing off. She said at the house was one thing but this is out where anyone could see you. I told her that was the idea, then reached down and started stroking my ****. She looked over at me then away but turned back around and sat there watching me. She sat there watching me stroke my **** and i looked at her and asked if she liked seeing me play it. She sat there a minute and then said yeah, its hot looking seeing you get yourself off. I asked her if she wanted to play with it and she said no your doing just fine without my help. I sat there letting her watch me till we got to the supermarket and she looked at me and said you are going to cover up arent you. I said i guess so i really cant go in like this and she said good. We parked and i reached down and pulled my pants up and we got out to go inside. When i walked around the car she looked down at me and you wait here and let me go first. I asked her why and she said i couldnt handle walking around with you sticking out like that. I looked down at the front of my pants and my **** was sticking out real good and said ok i'll meet you back here then. She took off and went in and i waited a minute then went in and got my cigarettes and a few looks and went back out to the car.

I sat out in the car waiting and had a cigarette and decided to wait for her good and slid my pants down again and sat there. I started stroking my **** again and she came back out and got in and said she was ready. I looked at her and asked her if she wanted to watch me get off agian. She said it was up to me if i wanted to show her and asked where and i told her since were here i'll do it for her now before we go back. Before she could say anything i layed my seat back and started stroking my **** for her. She looked around to see if anyone could see us and then looked back and turned to watch me. I layed there stroking my **** for her and she would looked around a little but was more interested in watching me to pay to much attention. I was stroking away and getting close when we heard oh **** and looked out the passenger window and a young girl in a van had pulled up next to us and was getting out and saw me. Karen looked at her then back at me and started to tell me to cover up and i started *******. I put my seat back up and took off real fast and karen sat there looking at me and couldnt believe i did it. I cleaned up as i drove along and after i did she told me to cover up, i did and said was that too wild for you. She looked at me and said your crazy.
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56-60, M
Dec 11, 2012