Stolen Clothes: An Internet Find

I'm writing story about me and my friends life or stuff on the internet. Today was a hot warm day i just got up slowly because my girlfriend was sleeping next to me and she was sleeping with a smile on her face. I smile back and was thinking what she was dreaming about. But i left the room to make breakfast for me and my girlfriend and when i was done i walk right in and i saw my girl not in bed but i do hear the shower running. I knew she was taking a shower and i dedcided to leave her but then i got a dirty idea.

I quickly walk in without her notice me and she was singing in the shower (by the way she is really good at it) then i saw her clear clothes, dirty clothes, and towels. So i slowly took them all and quickly walk out. After a few mintures i hear her voice "honey where my clothes'' i can tell she sounded confuse, i just said ''what are you talking about'' ''my clothes there are all gone'' she is kind of naive ''maybe you miss place them'' ''how can i miss place my clothes'' i didn't say nothing but then she came in nothing but her skin and see look at me with a red face and cover her exopse body and i laught a little ''this is not funny'' she said with a embarrassed voice ''give back my clothes'' but i didn't and let her be naked for ten mintue then i let her have her clothes back. She thought it was funny but she will have me back for this.
sok17 sok17
22-25, M
Dec 13, 2012