Kyacking With My Little Sister

When i was about 17 i was watching my sister who was about 7 or 8 at the time and it was just us. So she wanted to go kyacking and i said ok. So we grabbed a two person kyack and went to the big river near our house which is miles long and connects to the ocean. Ok so i was wearing a strapless dress with no underwear because i wasn't going to swim. So we got to this huge rock with a lot of mud on one side and we climbed up the rock and i put my sisters floaties on her because she wanted to jump. It was about 15 feet high so she got scared and asked me to go first. I said i didn't really want to jump but she got a super sad face and said please. So i was like o ok and i stood on the edge and dove. When i hit the water i got to the bottom and kicked off and shot up. Well my strapless dress came off when i kicked up but i didn't know so i swam to the shore and while i was my sister was like hey Jenny and i was like hold on a sec. Then i got to the muddy spot and got out. I looked down and saw my naked body and scream and my sister laughed at me. I had to cover up with a life vest and it didn't work at all. Walking back to my house my neighbors saw me and looked shocked. My sister still laughs at me for that.
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Embarassing but very funny lol

Wow lol that sounds pretty bad. Did you look for the dress before you headed back home?

Yeah but it was pretty deep so I couldn't find it my sister didn't help she just laughed

haha thats so funny

I would have helped cover you up ;)

The best stories are the ones that you just wish you were there to see it in person! Great story - thanks for sharing an awesome experience!

You are a fun girl to be around!


LOL. That's one of the good reasons to swim naked. Clothes are not made for swimming. Carpe DIem!