Bug Guy

For the last 15 years we have rented a condo on Madiera Beach Fl. Always on the 5th floor as we like watching the sunsets on the gulf and it gives me a chance to lay out naked on the lanai in the afternoon working on my tan. We read the condo rules and such but didn't pay that much attention to what they said.
I was laying outside the sliding doors which were closed to keep the ac in. My husband had gone for his daily afternoon walk on the beach which usually lasted about 1 to 2 hours giving me time to relax in the sun and read. The door wasn't chained so he could get back in.
I was sunning for about a half hour or so and looked up to see the bug spray guy staring at me, for how long I don't know. There was no place to hide or anything to cover up with. I looked at him and immediately noticed the bulge pressing against his shorts. I don't know why I look, but I always do. I had been reading one of those steamy novels so I was somewhat excited also. I stood up trying to cover myself as best I could and opened the door when he turned to leave saying he was sorry but had rung the door bell and didn't know anyone was home.
I got very bold and asked him if he liked what he saw. He wouldn't turn around but said he did very much. Knowing my husband wouldn't be back for awhile I asked him if he'd like to take his **** out and jack off on the **** he just saw.
He turned around and had his **** out in a flash. I sat in a chair and he came over and started stroking his ****, rubbing it against my **** as I played with my *****. Soon he came all over them and I asked him if he'd like to massage his *** into my chest. It felt great having his hands rubbing his *** into my chest, massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples. When he was done he left saying thank you but he had to go. I returned to my tanning thinking about what just happened, playing with my *****, waiting for hubby to return.
When he came back I told him to come to the bedroom. He smiled and was naked by the time he got to our bed.
He started touching me and I pulled his head to my chest. He started kissing my **** and then took my nipple in his mouth. He asked if that was the same lotion I always used because it tasted funny.
I looked at him and smiled telling him that was the bug guy. I told him what happened and he said he remembered in the rules something about the bug and ac people coming once a month.
He told me to tell him exactly what happened and as I related the encounter I could feel his **** getting bigger and bigger as he cleaned my **** and pumped my ***** until I came and he filled me with his ***.
All the rest of the vacation I waited hoping the ac filter guy would *** in the afternoon.
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5 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Holy cow! That is SO delightful! I would have been SO thrilled to have found another man's *** on my wife's **** sometime, and I too would have licked them clean! I would be honored to join you and your husband sometime, and let him WATCH me shoot my *** on your ****!

This may come as a surprise to you, but I can spray for bugs and I have no problem with changing A/C filters, please contact me and arrange a convenient time. Will bring my own spray.

Why can't I ever be so lucky.That was a hot story.

Nothing like some cheap thrills to make your day better

Love your story...