If you had read my story Stolen Clothes then you know what gonna happen.

Me and my girl Julice went on a date last night and it was great, we went to parties, restaurants, and we slept together too. I was the first to woke up and i saw Julice still sleeping well then i decided to take a shower (i smell horrible) after turning on the shower i toss my dirty clothes in the bag and went in. It was a long shower but then i hear the door bell ''hello'' ''i will get that'' Julice just yell back at me, i guess she up too. After a long shower i open the curtain i saw all the towels are gone and my dirty clothes? I thought to myself (i guess this is the payback she mention) so i went out and just saw Julica watching tv, look at me and laughted. I give her a clap "good for you, you had you fun now give my clothes back'' she shake her head slowly and said ''sorry no clothes for you, for at least three days?) I was shock and went to my closet and saw all my clothes are all gone! I turn to Julica and said "my friend Amy came by and i told her to take all your clothes away for two days" I was shock by yet existed, so existed my **** got hard. Julice notice and giggle ''i guess you liked the idea." After two days of not wearing clothes (it was the holidays so no work, or school) and Amy came by and saw me naked and laught to death "woo i see why you date him" I blush a little but she give me my clothes and everything went to normal.
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so besides screwing a lot, what did you do for 2 days at home without clothing?

The same thing i always do. Play games, watch tv, and Juclia was playing and teasing me but i kind of like it.