Caught In The Shower And My Towel Was Gone

To be honest, this experience is probably nothing special to everone else, as I think it is something that almost anyone in the western world has experienced or at least can relate to.

In my youth (I think I must have been 16 the last time.) there were several occasions where the boys tried to sneak peeks at the girls in the shower and vice versa. I was not a choir boy myself, but saw nothing too spectacular really.

But as we were starting to grow out of it, at 16, where no one really expected a visit from "across the hall", there was this one occasion where the girls entered our locker-room, which was a defining moment for me, because I was very shy about showing myself naked back then, and I think this was the defining moment that turned me into an exhibitionist.

This happened after PE class, where some 5 girls had conspired to leave the PE hall in a hurry when the class ended, and run into the boys' locker before any of us boys could get there. This was a large locker room where people changed clothes, separated from the open showers with an archway - no door. There were no stalls in the showers either, just an open space with 10 or 12 showers along the walls.

There was also a wooden framed glass door inside the shower area, which led into a small and dark sauna which could seat about 6 people. This sauna was were the girls decided to hide (The girls' locker-room was a mirror image of the boys' locker-room so there was not much need for recon to know about the good spots to hide in.) Like I said, the sauna was dark, so anyone hiding inside them were hardly visible to people standing in the showers, despite the glass door, The showers however were lit up like a summers day, so anyone standing in the showers were clearly visible to anyone standing in the sauna looking out into the showers. The girls didn't just stand at the door at first either, they crouched under the wooden benches, trying to stay in the shadows as much as possible.

And then the boys entered. I was one of the first, and I had a habit of hanging my towel on the door-handle of the sauna entrance. I honestly didn't notice anything unusual in there, so I started showering, soaping and shampooing in the shower that was directly opposite to the sauna.

From were the girls were lying/sitting some of them could see only the left side of the showers, others could see only the right side. Due to my position in the middle, according to them, I was the only one there whom all of the girls could see! And it lasted for at least 2 or 3 minutes, but then the girls got bolder, because (I imagine) they all wanted to see the guys who were standing in places out of their current vision, so they all stood up and went to stand by the sauna door. That's when someone (not me!) noticed them, and an unbelievable ruckus started.

There was some tumble at the door when the girls knew they were discovered, and ran laughing for safety in their own lockerroom across the hall. That was when my towel was thrown down and ended up on the floor. I didn't see it happening though, so I ran for my towel (which meant running full-frontal in the direction of the girls, remember!) but I couldn't find it. So while every boy around me were wrapping towels around themselves in a hurry, I was running back and forth inside the showers looking for my towel, and I found it eventually, but to the girls' joy they had a good laugh while it lasted.

Most of the girls got away across the hall because the guys were more busy getting clothed, but some of them were bolder, staying put as long as there were "things to see", and they got caught and pulled under the showers, along with some soap and shampoo sprinkled over them, still wearing their PE clothes. A meagre revenge for their totally successful raid, I know. We vowed to them that revenge would be sweet, eventually, which probably was a mistake, because they were on their alert for this kind of thing for the rest of the school year, and, alas, we never ever got our true revenge. ;)

The best part (for me) though was not the incident in itself, but the teasing from the girls in the days following their "raid", one girl in particular was not prepared to let me forget my embarrassing moment, and kept reminding me constantly. She would vividly describe how funnily I acted and how much time they all had had during my shower, to take in how well endowed I was. (I developed early, so compared to the other boys I guess my **** was impressive enough for an inexperienced girl.) I acted embarrassed and perhaps was a little embarrassed too, but actually their teasing was a huge turn-on, as well as a boost to my confidence, and like I said, probably a turning moment for my exhibitionistic nature.
Achylles Achylles
Jan 6, 2013