Caught By The Delivery Woman

Ok, now for a time I got caught really naked, not just in a naked suit. I was living in northern Nevada in a rural area. Since the house sat out about 5 miles from town, in the middle of the desert, and my closest neighbor was down the road, I felt comfortable laying out nude in my yard in the summer.

One day, I was laying out on the recliner, tanning...and started to get excited. With nobody around of course, I started taking care of business...if you know what I mean.

With my eyes closed, I was really going to town when I heard a truck pull up. It was a UPS truck. A short, blonde woman jumped out with a box in hand and started walking towards me.

She could plainly see me over the short fence and smiled as she approached. I had nothing to cover up with and there was no way to make it inside the house before she reached me.

So I just stood up, hard **** still swinging and met her at the fence. Looking down at my ****, she laughed "You got a package" she joked. I was so embarrased. Thing is, I couldn't remember ordering anything. Turned out she had the wrong was the neighbor down the road. As she left, she turned and said "nice day for a sun tan.."

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I hope you're using a high SPF sunscreen! At that elevation you can pick up a nasty burn in no time at all!


I'm with you on this. I spend much of the summer outside naked on my land that is few miles from town. A couple of years ago the female mail lady brought a package delivery up my driveway and didn't say anything when I signed for it naked in the driveway. But ever since that day she just leaves a notice in my box down at the road so I have to go to town to get my mail packages. The UPS guy, and its a man in my area, doesn't care. He just delivers the packages. I'm sure he sees a lot of stuff driving into people's driveways. Not a problem. He just goes about his business. Being seen naked doesn't hurt, and neither does anyone turn into a pumpkin by the sight of a human being. Carpe Diem!