What A Night!

I was at my girlfriends sisters house an we had gone out for dinner ... an then we were to return to their house an " house sit" for the weekend ...so couple hours go by my gf an I watch TV an I decide to take a shower , then the GF says Im going to go get a sub or Pizza so I ll be back when you get out...cool .....thinking nothing of walking around naked , I do so ......kind of excited I end up on the couch, an of course I pass out, dont know if she went to china for the pizza but it took forever!! asleep I awake to the door open an I hear more than one voice an 3..2..1...they walk in , Im totally naked sprawled out on the couch( no blanket no nothing cushions are attatched to the couch) ITS MY GF LITTLE SISTER AN THREE FRIENDS that im guessing have had sex before , ( Im 28 little sister 20) so what happens , ERECTION an not to mention the little sister an her friends are all way better looking than my GF- So do I cover it ....ahh the hell with it I stood up put my hands behind my head an , gave them a full look for what seemed like an hour Probly was only 10-15 seconds.The looks on thier faces holy **** ...can I touch it? Asking me how far can I shoot a load an **** WTF!! Pointing covering thier mouth in disbeleif as I stand there - and I know they're kidding but DAMN!!That was the hardest erection I've ever had an the fact that when they walked in I didnt go running upstairs.I talked to them for five or ten minutes with the hardest eretion EVER!!! I had to go relieve myself I did go put somthing on just in time for my GF to arrive with the pizzas - that was the best night of my life Later that night I wake up an heard splashing a girls making noise , an my GF an sister an three HOT YOUNG friends skinnydipping -The light in the pool area was perfect , I even locked the door but they had clothes outside an just laughed - an they thought I just woke up they all asked how long have you been awake , cause right as I went outside they were already in towels - HAhA I was videotaping zooming in for 40min anyway the battery died then I decided to go outside , What A Night!!!
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nice nice !!

wow lovely experience

Fantastic story with the right ending!!!