Almost & An Awkward Meeting

my boyfriend and i were in my bed, my jeans and underwear off, I was just in a shirt and he was just in his boxers. He was eating me out and I was trying to keep all moans inside me, just little whimpers and heavy breathing as we knew my parents were downstairs. I had just slipped my hand down his boxers when we heard my mum shout my name. We both were just like "oh ****!" Trying to quickly shove some clothes on, I ended up with my jeans on with no underwear on and he just quickly shoved his clothes back on. i opened the door with messy hair, still out of breath and probably slightly red in the face, she was slightly suspicious but didn't say anything.

My mum was calling to say that if she was going to drive him home it would have to be soon, so we ended up cuddling and talking about how risky that was for the next 5 minutes before we got In the car, still with no underwear, then his parents invited me in so I was talking to them, I had never met them before so I was all insecure because I had no underwear and yeah, it was just really awkward.
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Ahhh that was sweet...... loved the read.....

just the bare facts mam lol
Great story, almost like dreaming that you are in class with no clothes on. Its all about the naked truth.

My mother walked in on me once. The girl was on top and the only thing that could be seen when she open the door was the girls back and clearly what we were doing as there were no covers on us. She just closed the door and went back to bed.

nice story..

And I still think your a very naughty girl- teasing your man.

And yes - I thought about this whilst I was in my bed last night. It caused me to ... Well, I think you know what a commotion it caused me ....!!!!!

Needless to say, it didn't last long, and caused me to clear up after!!!!
Keep happy amy - love you xxx
Mark xx

love your story, thanks for sharing!