Caught Naked By Cottage Next Door.

My mom had sent me up to the cottage for the day because she was renovating my living room. Thinking I would only be up there the day, I brought my bathing suit, some food, water, and my cell phone. It was the middle of a heat wave so I was glad to be somewhere with a lake to swim all day. She drove me up early in the morning (Though it was really hot out for that time for day) and went home to finish the renovations. I spent the whole day down at the beach, watching the waves, and swimming. I went up to eat dinner and check on my cell phone and apparently I was now spending the night at the lake. I didn't mind cuz it was still hot for 7:00 at night. I had made my sloppy joes and (messily) ate them up. By 9:00 it still hadn't cooled off so I decided to take on last swim for the night. I got down to the water and decided I would try something I have never done. I slipped of my swim trunks, lay them on the beach, and ran in butt naked. I was enjoying myself out there. I was enjoying the water brushing up against my naked body. Though it had started to get colder, I didn't care I was having a blast. Until I heard something up on the beach. I looked over and saw a fox licking my swim trunks. I ran up to the beach shouting at it to go away. It worked, but the fox also stole my swim trunks in the process. Now I had no clothes for the rest of my time up there. I didn't mind because I was alone so I went back into the water. When I was waste deep, I heard a shout from the cottage next door. A woman had asked "Hey are you alright? I had heard some shouting earlier!" I looked up and noticed a woman who looked about 44 years old. Not wanting to tell her I said that I was fine. She then said "Hey that looks refreshing! Mind if me and my 2 girls join you?" Not wanting to sound suspicious, I agreed. The three of them started to walk down toward the beach. I debated running up to my cottage, but the had a flash light with them so there was no point as they could shine it on me and see me. The three of them arrived at the lake. The 44 year old woman and her two daughters (22 and 8) put their belongings down, and ran into the water. I kept my distance from them not wanting to be caught. I was doing fine for a while, until the mother swam over to me to create conversation with me. We talked for a bit until her leg rubbed up against my package while we were treading water. She blushed and whispered "Are you naked?" into my ear. I nodded and she swam over to her daughters and told them to go up and get their snacks. The older one agreed, but the younger one through a fit because she didn't want to leave the water. The mom sighed and said she could stay while the older girl went up and got them. The mother swam back over to me and said that now was my chance to go up to the cottage. I looked at her and said "But you and your daughter will see me nude." And she replied "It's that or my 22 year old does as well. I sighed and started to walk out of the water. At this point the water was a little cold and getting out into the breezy night air was only making my package. . . well. . . pretty small. I swear I could fit the whole thing in one hand. I got out of the water and the cool wind ran over my wet, naked body, it made my package shrink even more. The mom was laughing a bit and the girl had swam over and asked "Mommy, why is that boy naked?" Then she laughed and said "And why is his wiener so small?" The mom laughed and said she would tell her when she was older. The girl then ran out of the water and grabbed my arm saying "But mister, you can't leave with out saying good bye to my sister!" She then started pulling me. Her mom was doing nothing to stop it. I was stronger than her but she tripped me and I fell getting sand all over me. Knowing full well my mom would kill me if I got sand all over the cottage, I had to wash it off. So I went back to the lake. The 8 year old was still following me when I entered the water. The water had gotten colder and had shocked my body when I submerged myself. My package started to sting. Once I had gotten all the sand off my body I surfaced only to see that the 22 year old had come back. Her sister had run up the them and told her sister, who was now grinning ear to ear. I had no choice, I had to get up to my cottage now. I walked out and the 2 daughters started laughing. I started to run but they chased me. The cold wind no blowing against my body had my package had started to physically hurt. The older one started singing "I see your hiney, so white and shiny~ I see your wieny, so cute and tiny~ Look at that *** flop, his balls have not dropped~ His pale wee wee, disappearing from me~" I looked back to yell something at her but I ran right into the mom. I had hit her hard and was a little dazed and she took this opportunity to snap some picture of my ****, now about a hundredth of it's normal size, allowing the other two girls to catch up. I shook off the dazed feeling and stood up, I felt two, cold hands pinch my butt, and I ran all the way, giving them more time to snap some pictures, into my cottage where I stayed for the rest of the night. My mom came to pick me up the next morning, around 11:30. She pulled up and and I came outside to greet her. She was surprised to see me naked and asked for an explanation. I told her how I went skinny dipping and a fox took it (Not anything after that) and she told me that she was planning to have a picnic lunch here but she was gunna take me home instead. Just when we were about to get in the car I heard a woman say my mom's name. I turned around to look and saw that the woman and 22 year old from last night were standing there I tried to cover up my now normal sized part, but my mom told me to not be rude and forced my hands at my sides, giving the 22 year old a full view of my full size penis. I saw the 8 year old playing on the beach, but she took off toward the house. The girls mother then proceeded to tell my mom the rest of the story and sent her the pictures. My mom then got mad at me for lying to her and told me that we would be having a picnic lunch with them. I started to object but she said it was my punishment for lying. We got to the beach and mom pulled out the lunch. The woman called for the 8 year old and she came and sat down with them saying "Mommy! That boy's willy has grown bigger!" Everyone laughed, and then proceeded to eat. After eating everyone but myself went swimming. I fell asleep and the next thing I know, I am being woken up by water droplets falling on my face. I open my eyes to see the 8 year old standing over me saying "Boys are weird. First they have small wieners, then it grows, and now it's sticking straight up!" I looked down to see a wild stiff and she laughed and the two daughters swam out really far. Mom came up and handed my a bottle of sunscreen and told me to rub it all over. I wasn't going to be getting dressed for a while. I got up and started rubbing in the sunscreen and mom flashed a couple of pics. I yelled at her but she said she is making a new scrap book called nudies and she is keeping them. I finished with the sunscreen and then went for a swim. I walked in and was greeted by cold water but didn't care at this point. the other two ladies walk out and start to dry off. The other two girls come back in and dry off to. The women wrapped a towel around them then undid and pulled off the bathing suits and sat on the blanket. I got out of the water and they laughed at the new size of my junk, and mom snapped a picture saying "After." I blushed and fell asleep on the blanket again. I woke up and saw that the adults had vanished it was just me with the 8 year old and the 22 year old, now staring at my fully erect penis. The adults came back and mom said it's time to go home. I silently cheered and we headed back to the car. She laughed at me cuz of the whole experience and was about to get mad at her when I heard a scream and saw something run by me. I look ahead to see the 8 year old running up ahead. She was holding 3 towels above her head, and was completely naked. I then saw the other two women run by, naked them selves, chasing after her. I smiled as I watched there nude butts run by and started singing "Look at those butt cheeks, reflecting light back at me~ Look at the tan lines, making your boobs look fine~ You're making me swoon, over that poone poone~" I got some pictures with my phone and got into the car. Mom got in the other side closed the door, and started the car. I closed my door and we drove off, heeded for home.
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I'm impressed. Great Story.

nice story