Caught By Sister

When I was fourteen I had the house to my self on Mondays and Wednesdays after school. So after a long and hot day I school I came home and decided I wanted to be nude. So I went to the bathroom and ********. I started to get a little horny so I looked up some **** and started to stroke my ****. Just as I was going to reach climax and *** my sister opened the front door and I heard her so I had to quickly turn off the computer and run to the bathroom. I grabbed a blanket and covered my **** as I was going to the bathroom but my sister saw me and I froze. She turned her head and told me to forget it ever happened. I was extremely embarrassed and didn't look at her for a week. ( my family isn't open to nudity and sex)
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

My family was very up tight about sex too, especially my mother who was a men (and boy) hating feminist. We never saw each other naked after we were old enough to put on our own pants. Bodies were to be ashamed of. I'm glad you got seen by your sister. It doesn't actually hurt. Its kind of fun. Many nudists came from body shame childhoods. I suggest that next Monday you make a point of "accidentally" getting seen again, perhaps in the living room, and then ignore your sister when she walks in. But don't be overtly sexual. And go outside naked sometimes. Carpe Diem!

That is a shame ,nudity and sex are the 2 most natural things in the world .Clothes werent invented to cover our nudity it was to keep us warm .Society has taught us it was to cover our nudity.We all have sex even the lowliest of animals do and if we werent meant to enjoy it then why is it so pleasurable .