Brother And His Friends

One summer my family went to the beach with a few other families. Most of the other families had kids who were friends with my brother. All vacation they were super annoying and stared at me in my bikini and make remarks. One day, they all decided to go golfing, and I finally had some time without them. I went to the beach in the morning, and decided to use the outdoor shower beside the house when I came back in the afternoon. I slipped off my bikini and enjoyed the secluded view of the beach and the peace and quiet. When I was done, I realized I forgot my towel and that my bikini was all sandy and gross. I decided to just walk up around to the back door of the house, naked... It was private and there was no chance of seeing me. After I got in the house I felt free and relieved no one had seen me, so I went into the fridge for a water...Just as I opened the fridge door, my brother and 4 of his friends came strolling in the front door. I shrieked! I asked what they were doing back so early and tried to cover myself with my hands... They were all laughing and making comments about my boobies and ***... I quickly jogged up the stairs to my room.. I was so embarrassed. For the rest of the vacation they called be "jiggle jess" or "jiggles" because of the way my boobies bounced as I ran up the stairs.
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I get what you're feeling. Same thing kind of happened to me. Well at least we know they found you attractive ;)

apart from embarrassment, what else did you feel? does it excite you now remembering it? does it all happen in slow motion?

wish i could have seen that..maybe i would get naked too...would you watch and enjoy that?

I'm sure 5 guys got instant hard ons that day

wow embarassing but also a huge turn on

embarrassing but sexy story. naked running. holding **** and trying to cover both *** and **** lol

Couple of lucky guys I'd say, sure lots would love to have been in their shoes that day ;)

And now later in there life and they look back and see a possible opportunity to be with you lost. I bet they ******* thinking about seeing you naked now.

It's too bad they were so rude about it. At that age I would have been nice to you and enjoyed the view. Secretly hoping for another look.

Lucky guys

Thanks for sharing! Bet those boys fantasizes about that incident the entire year, or even a couple more.

You made their that "their entire preadolescence"

I bet they all had hardons for the rest of the vacation too!

Wish I was one of the guys to see that..

lol, great story..

Rude boys? Maybe yes, but I saw when you've got it, flaunt it, and drive those boys into hormonal rages!!

Boys can be rude.

But did you get a chance to suck or **** any of them?


Oh shame you didn't manage to keep your composure, smile at them, before confidently walking past them saying, "good golf game boys?" I think they'd have been rather more stuck for words :)

I'd love to have a look at your boobs myself

oh how I would love to see your breasts and oh how I bet they bounce - please add me darlin'

WOW Giggely , I'dlove 2 see U'r Sweet Breasts Baby !! Please add me !!

my wife had a see through nighty she wore around the house even friends of her parents saw her in it but her bro friends and her couzins didnt think much of it untill i seen her in it just as while been naked

Judging by your profile pic... I bet the friends loved every second of it. I know I would! ;-)

You should be worried I be they liked what the were seeing. Did and of them try it on with your after x

Don't blame the guys, don't blame the guys.

Nice story, and probably fun to laugh about now. What age were you and was your brother and his friends younger or older?

Hot -wish i was there to see your hot body

Wish I was there. I wood knot have teased u. Plz add me