Nurses Saw Me Naked And Felt My Genitals

This goes back to the late 1980s when I went into hospital for a gallstones operation. These days, it is usually carried out by keyhole surgery, but I went in for the old style operation and was in hospital for some days afterwards. I was in my early 30s at the time.

I went in on the evening before the op, and the male nurse told me to shave completely from 'nipples to knees', as he put it, and gave me some clippers and also a razor. I went into the washroom and I think I did a pretty good job. When I came out I asked him if he wanted to check if I had done it satisfactorily, but he said he was sure it would be OK and didn't need to check.

The next morning I had the pre-med injection and lay on my bed waiting to be collected. Eventually a staff nurse, probably in her 30s arrived and drew the curtains around my bed. She told me to take off my pyjamas and put on the gown which she was holding. I hesitated, but she just stood there holding the gown. Oh well, I thought, here goes. I took off my pyjamas and stood naked before her. She looked me up and down for what seemed like a long time, though I expect it was only a second or two. To be honest, it was the first time I had ever had an operation and I was very nervous, so I didn't feel to excited about the situation! She then handed me the gown and I put it on. She told me to get back on the bed and someone would come to collect me soon.

Shortly, a hospital porter arrived with a trolley. He helped me to climb onto it and I lay on my back. He covered me with a blanket and he wheeled me to the operating theatre. We went through a pair of doors and were met by a nurse in theatre greens. This was obviously the hand-over point. The porter went back through the doors we had come through, leaving just the nurse and myself together. Ahead of us was another pair of swing doors leading into the operating theatre. Before moving on, however, the nurse removed the blanket and told me to lift up so she could pull the back of the gown from underneath me. I was feeling a little drowsy, but managed to do so with no problem. So now I was just lying with the gown loosely on top of me. She asked me if I was thoroughly shaved and I said that I was. She said she would just have a quick check and slipped her hand under the gown, feeling all over my stomach. "Mmm, that feels OK " she said. She moved her hand downwards and stroked my pubis. To my surprise, she then put her fingers around my penis and stroked it up and down a couple of times very lightly. Next she moved her hand down over my scrotum, cheekily tickling the bottom of it with her fingers and lifting my testicles up and down as she did so.  "All seems fine", she said "Don't worry - see it's not all bad is it!". She then slipped her other hand under the gown as well and took hold of my penis. She cupped my scrotum in her other hand and gave them both a gentle squeeze simultaneously. I just lay passively as she did so. She smiled and winked at me, but before I could respond in any way, she whisked me into the theatre. I never saw her again.

The final experience I had was the day after the operation when a nurse, or nursing auxiliary, I am not sure which, came to give me a bed wash. I would have thought she was probably about 10 years older than me. I was in a bit of pain and feeling quite weak. She drew the curtains around my bed. Next she pulled the bedclothes fully down to my feet and said I would have to take off the gown. So, she helped me out of the gown and I lay there completely naked. She had a flannel and a bowl of water and some soap.

She commenced by washing my face, followed by my arms and as much of my stomach as she could whilst keeping clear of my stitches. Despite my situation, I could feel a twinge - you know where - and my penis beginning to react. She moved down to my pubis, massaging on the soap and then removing it with the flannel. I knew I had at least half an erection at this point and knew she must have seen it.

She ignored it and went down to my feet, working her way up my legs. She asked me to open my legs and washed my inner thighs right up to my groin. By the time she had worked her way up to there, I now had a full erection. I saw her look at it and then she looked at me and gave me a knowing smile. She handed me the flannel and told me to finish off myself whilst she went to get me a cup of tea. A cup of tea - what a disappointment! I really thought she was going to wash my genitals. Maybe it's as well she didn't!

So, that's it really. Nice to look back on but I wish I could have made more of it at the time. Anyone else had similar experiences?
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I had the strangest experience last month.

My family doctor is a friend of the family and I have been seen her since I was young so we are very comfortable around each other and I even call her by her first name.

I came in last week and needed a complete physical. But when I came in Herner's told me to just have a seat but didn't have me get changed. So when Heidi came in, she brought with her her nurse and also had a nursing student with her. I handed her the form that had to be filled out and she looked it over and noticed that there was a bunch of stuff to fill out so she had me take my shirt off and she listen to my heart and lungs. And she had her nursing student listen to. She checked off the boxes. Then she flip the page over and realized there was another whole side.

Looks like we have to check everything today. Go ahead and drop your trousers. So I did. And she checked my testicles and ask my permission for the nursing student to do it and. Why not. So she told her student that I was an old family friend and that I wouldn't mind if she used me to teach with so she had her check and look at pretty much everything.

No big deal to this point. Then she looks down and sees that I need to have a prostate exam. My pants and shoes are wadded up around my ankles so she asked me to bend over the table and so I kicked my shoes and socks off and took off my pants. So now I am totally nude in this room with three women who don't really seem to notice. So they both do what seemed like an eternal prostate exam and then they had to do a test checking for any blood in The stool. And of course the solution wasn't in the room so the nurse went out to get it and we just sat there and chatted. Me and Heidi and our nursing student, Lupe. And I'm still naked. So then they come back and put the solution on and it takes a minute or two and she is explaining how it works and I didn't know if she was done so I just sat there on the table. Make it still.

It came back empty so I figured it was done. So she looks down at the bottom of the page as they are leaving the room and says

Oh. You also need a little bit of blood work. Marianne and Lupe Will take care of that for you. Thanks for being a good sport! And walks out the door.

So at this point it was almost getting funny so I decided to see how long I could be naked before they offered either a drape or for me to get dressed. But Maryann had already gone to get the first aid stuff and Lupe just stood there so I thought

I am just going to stand here and talk with you. Make it. I looked down and shrugged my shoulders and said

Did you learn anything?

She kind of laughed and said that she had learned a ton. And thanked me for being such a good model. I told her everyone had to learn somehow.

So Maryann came back in the room and said

Do you want us to step out so you can get dressed or can we just get this done?

Just get it done. So she starts looking for a drag and I don't know who Stocks the rooms but she all she could find was a 18 x 18"paper drape and ask if this will do.

Sure. Let's just get it done. So I lay down on the table and they covered me up with the drape and she was teaching Lupe how to draw blood and asked if Lupe could do it. I had good things. So sure. So they both put their sterile gloves on and as they are both working on prepping and finding just the right spot. Of course the paper drape just flew onto the floor the first time they walked by it and Maryann just looked at me and said

Can we just finished?

Sure. So I laid there for about five more minutes while they drew blood.

When they were done Maryann heard the bell go off down the hall so she said goodbye and Lupe finished dressing my arm.

She said: I'm so sorry. This must be very embarrassing.

I said: it's okay. What is kind of embarrassing actually is that it is not very warm in these rooms and I motioned down south.

I'm not terribly big to begin with and everything head kind of shrunk up. She looked and said

Oh my God! I'm so sorry!

I asked her if she had ever seen that before and she said that she had.

I told her: you know when you did the tests the killer exam. They were down way lower. Do you know what happens to them when he gets cold?

I don't know whether she didn't know and was just curious to see what would happen or maybe she didn't. So I showed her how they get pulled out pie and let her feel that and how different it was and she seemed genuinely amazed.

Anyway. She thanked me again and check my hand and that is the last I ever saw of Lupe. But it was an interesting doctors visit.

<p>When I had a vasectomy, I had a male doctor and two female nurses. And, of course, the genitals are the focal point. So, I had to lie there with these two women staring at my crotch. As they were getting ready to start, I had on a gown. The doc stopped and looked at me and said I need to expose you now. I said OK and took a breath and then was on display. I think what bothered me the most was that it was cold and I had some shrinkage. It really didn't bother me that two women were looking at my junk.</P>

When I have my prostate examined by the doctor, the nurse there enjoy seeing my erection.

I was shaved when I had my appendix taken out in my early 20s, but I wasn't awake when they did it. I went into the operating room wearing a hospital gown and underpants, they put me to sleep, and when I woke up in a bed I was wearing just the gown and I found that my pubic hair was gone. It may or may not have been a female nurse who shaved me.

I did have female medical personnel see me naked a few times: twice during physical examinations and once when I had a cystoscopy. The nurses prepped me and a male doctor pushed a tube into my uretha to look into my bladder. Ouchie!