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Seen Naked in Shower at resort


Not exactly "caught naked" but certainly "seen naked" in the shower by unknown resort guests.

A few years back we vacationed in St. Martin, and stayed at the Esmeralda resort on Orient Beach. Esmeralda has a great beach, and is located near the opposite end of Orient beach from the famous Club Orient. At the time, the Esmeralda beach saw some nude use, with most  of the guests sunbathing topless, some nude.
 We stayed in a bungalow near the beach. The room was beautiful, and the bath had a large full shower, with a wide, nearly floor-to-ceiling window in the shower. There was a shrub of some sort planted outside our shower window to screen it from the public walkway which was just a few feet away. This walkway was used by everyone on our side of the resort to travel between the beach, the resort restaurant and the adjacent bungalows. Apparently the shrub outside our window was recently replaced and provided minimal screening. I noticed that the other bungalows had similar arrangements, but with thick, lush shrubbery screening the shower window.
 The first evening when the wife was showering after dark, I walked outside, and my suspicions were confirmed. At night, with the lights on inside, there she was, clearly visible to anyone walking by! Nice! I loitered around outside at a distance, and within a few minutes saw two different couples each stop and do a double-take when passing Bonnie in the shower. The first couple lingered for quite a few seconds before the woman tugged the guy along.

I never mentioned this to Bonnie, but I don't think I needed to. It was obvious she was aware, as nearly every evening she waited until dark to shower before we went to dinner. And Bonnie took very long showers, always making sure to have all the lights on. Each evening I was torn between watching Bonnie showering, and jumping in the shower with her. I knew that by showing with Bonnie, we'd end up going at it like wild animals, and I thought that it might be a little much for some who might be passing by. I wished I could have selected our audience!

One night I could not resist, and did join her, and as I suspected, we did the deed. Bonnie acted like she was making a ***** movie, angling herself as if the window were the camera lens! If there were any doubt of her knowing she was "on stage", there was no doubt after that.

Each day at the beach, I wondered which of the other guests and/or staff had seen her or us putting on a show for them the previous night. It would have been neat to know who, but it was cool wondering too! The wife seemed to be exceedingly popular with the men staying at that resort.... or was that just my imagination?

SteveZR1 SteveZR1 56-60, M 2 Responses May 20, 2013

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I do love your fun. Thanks for sharing.

Very sexy and funny...we were told by a couple at a resort that we had missed a nice "show" the night before...and as we were leaving,the wife mentioned she thought there would be another show that night. I was such a dummy, didn't realize until later they were probably inviting us to watch THEIR show...

Heh heh... sound like something that'd fly right over my head too. doooh!
But that's a big positive of adult oriented resorts..... most EVERYONE gets a little bit looser, a little more daring!

I agree and like that aspect...even saw a guy dancing at the disco with his wife and several other women, I think they were deliberately grinding on him to try to make him erect, and he was at least halfway there...they were all laughing and having fun...I thought about having him ask my wife for a dance!