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Sister Found My Pics

I'm 25 and my sister is 21. She was visiting me on vacation and asked to use my phone to call her boyfriend since I live in the country and her phone don't get service at my house. So I let her use it, but when she was done she started to look at my pics and she came across a bunch of my naked pics. There were a bunch of close up **** shots and a few full frontle pics. I came in the room and she was grinning ear to ear. I said what are you looking ay and she said you, all of you and busted out laughing. It's the first time she's seen me naked since we were kids she brings it up almost every time we talk and she'll send me random little text like hey "BIG" Brother just to let me know she didn't forgot and to make sure I don't.
dmc22266asoroitypet dmc22266asoroitypet 26-30, M 2 Responses Jun 21, 2013

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Did you have an erection in any of the pics she saw?

Yeah all the close up pics were

Dang, how embarassed were you? I hope you didnt have any pics where you were *******.

It is a little embarrassing that my sister saw me like that but its not that bad and no cuming pics

How is it not that bad, she saw pics of you full frontal naked plus seeing your **** hard, i would have been pretty embarassed.

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don't feel bad my mother in law did the same thing once, while borrowing my phone and it nude photo's on me and my wife, and photo's of me-in-my-wife. Trust me no mother wants to see her little girl with a **** in her mouth! So that will teach her to quit snooping!