Spring feels like summer, as it is like literally almost 90degree outside, coming home from class today at 12 i figure i need to relax and take a break from studying for next week exams. I come home to an empty home my parent being at work still i put on a bikini and figure i work on my tan since ive been in doors during the whole winter my skin tone is started to look more light then what i wanted to look.

So i got in my bikini, grabbed a book,some water and my ipod. I'll tell you the sun really felt as hot as summer days as much as i wish it was summer already so i could be at the beach instead to tan, i couldn't complain with this sun. Reading my book by Tom Clancy (Love them all), i checked my watch and it was near 1. I can feel the tingling sun doing it's job with my skin. Figuring it was near 1 my neighbors should still be at work, the last thing i needed was to hear there complaint about them having kids and i shouldn't be walking around naked.

As i thought it was such a great idea, i took my top and bottom off and laid back down on my back. The sun on my bare body was just a feeling of a whole new level. Not so bad at all. Now i won't have white skin shape like my top and bottom, and entire body can be fairly the same color tone. Popped my ear phone on and listen to my music as i shut my eyes and think of my summer plans. Getting a little carried away if my imagination i did have some thought of my gf and i. I opened my eyes to smile.

Just to realize my home landscaper were cleaning up my backyard. They came and i didn't realize at all they were here. Looking at my watch it was about 1:20PM. I didn't wanna embarrass myself by freaking out, as i just got up and was about to cover up. The gardener which ive known for about 4-5 years apologized for disturbing. I giggled telling him it was fine. He was a true professional though standing there in front of him fully naked, he made full eye contact while talking to me. But his partner came with the grass cutter to throw a comment like "Wow very sexy".

Now that was unprofessional, that the manager i was speaking with smacked him right upside the head telling him to show some manners. He told me he will finish as fast as possible and apologized again and if i felt uncomfortable they can leave without charging. Which was very considerate, i just told them to take there time and do the great job that they always do.

As for me i laid back down and put a towel over myself covering my chest to kitty. I don't know what came over me but i was a little excited but a little embarrassed at the same time. Probably excited cause of what the other guy said and embarrassed that i was surprised by the unexpected surprise. A few minute has passed and they were wrapping it up, The manager walked by to apologize again and to say they are done. I nodded and waved him good bye.

While he left his partner was gathering the branches to toss in the bin, i was tempted i figure i already got this far why not show a little more. I put my legs over the arm rest, leaving them wide open to expose my kitty and removed the towel. Looking at him through my sunglasses, he bent over to pick up and toss in while staring at me the whole time. I smiled as he slowly walked out whistling at me. I laughed and kinda blushed and went straight into the house after.

I'll be honest i was super embarrassed but super excited at the same time, it was such a mind boggling experience i felt light headed from being in the sun so long i passed out for a few minute, just to wake up a few minutes ago with a damp spot on my bed.
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Wow... That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me....

wow that was a fantastic view for the guy, glad it was as arousing for you as it was for them... AWWW what I sight that would have been

great story, you naughty thing, are you ure you didn't plan it all out?

Great story! You made the most of a tricky situation, and I am sure everyone was pleased with the results.

Nice. n Beautiful attitude, get busted naked so why not put on a full show. When did you say you were moving in next door?

love your stories.

wow -naughty little teaser

that's awesome! i like your confidence, and you handled the potentially awkward and humiliating experience into a fun one. i totally get the embarrassed but excited feeling. tough to describe, but you did a great job here. thanks for sharing!

Happy that you were super embarrassed - on behalf of those of us who don't like to be reminded that some places are getting 90 degree weather while we still had sleet last week.

what lucky gardeners!!!!

Sounds like the accident turned out being a fun turn of events for you. While you purposely exposed yourself, were you also fantasizing they would do more than just stare?

nope, my mind was more focused on exposing then thinking about what if they did something else.

It is a lot of fun to get caught, isn't it.

being caught so many times u'd think i'd learn my lesson to be more "careful" but even when i am i not so lucky, but i do like to turn things into something positive then freak out making myself look like a fool.

No need to be embarrassed. Its very natural and the best feeling being naked, especially outdoors.