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I’m posting this “experience” because of a question on my “I will answer any question you dare ask” experience (http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Will-Answer-Any-Question-You-Dare-Ask/4135389#reply_5100277).

It all happened on a Thursday or Friday a few years ago. My husband wanted to go out for the day to take some ‘fun’ pictures so we planned to take the train south, out of our neighborhood. We had chosen to go a more quite place of the country and do some nature shots. At the end of the day, it turned out that the away trip was the most exciting thing that day.
We took the train in the morning, at about 09-10 am to avoid the working time rush. We left at our local station and started south. When we took off there weren’t that many travelers in our wagon; I guess about 10 people for about 60 seats. After a few stops we were almost alone with about 45 minutes to go.

My husband told me to switch seats so he could already talk a few shots discretely. It started with a few teasing shots with me lifting up my dress to flash my bum (for those of you wondering: thong and bra underneath). After another stop I took the risk to take my dress of since we were in the last wagon and could see anyone approaching. A few shots were taken by the window and after putting the dress back on before the next station it got a bit further. We knew that there was a 15 minute gap between stops so I think it took only a few minutes before I was wearing nothing at all.

A few more shots were taken and my husband started to play with me a bit and before I knew it I was playing with myself while he was talking pictures. I guess I got caught up a bit in my play since I did not realize the next stop had come up. My first reaction was to stop and put my dress back on quickly but my husband persuaded(read insisted) me to keep playing since we are practically leaving already. At almost the same moment someone passed by on the platform and immediately noticed what we were doing. Can’t even remember how he looked like, I think about mid 30ish, but not important. He stopped to look, according to my husband with a mix of shock and amusement and he told me look at the guy and keep playing. About 5-10 seconds later the train took off again and a few minutes later I was at my climax thinking about it all. My husband told me later that there was more than only the one guy that saw me, especially on departure and when passing another train slowly.

I think this fairly answers the question that was asked! More happened that day, but this was the most exciting thing that happened. I hope it was fun for you to read!

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Thats awesome, i would love to get my girlfriend to do something like that!

Soo hot

hot times

lovely story

Cool story very hot

you are really a wild woman, that was an amazing dare/experience. I agree with cbrXX, now that you have us excited, we need to see the pictures

But can we see some of these pictures!! It's a great story anyway, very sexy and sounded like a lot of fun

I'll check with my husband :)