A few years ago I was home alone, and decided to go for a shower. After the shower I towelled off and walked to my room naked, which was just across the hall. Because of the sound of the water I hadn't heard that my Aunty and little cousin had arrived, and let themselves in the house! My mum had asked my Aunty to check up on me while I was home alone. I was drying my hair in the nude when I saw them both in the doorway laughing. My cousin was staring at my groin.

I screamed and slammed the door, and didn't leave my room until they left.
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Lol .. Pls could u Msg me? I seem to unable to msg you .. Will tell
My story is u would like !

Hi Erin,

From your stories so far, you don't like bra's at all, stay naked in your room a lot, but are shy to come out bare. You like nature too.

I am a nudist, have been all my life, you are a nudist at heart; we tend to connect with nature easily because it is natural and so is nudity.

If you live alone with your mum you might have a talk and ask permission to be nude in the rest of house when just you are home, or if she won't object, when you and her are home alone.

I just love the free feeling and the tingles from the air and breezes and brushing against things as I walk about.

Thanks for sharing your likes.



I like the idea of nudism but I'm still a bit shy for that. Maybe I'll try it one day :)

You can laugh now about it

Too funny

How old were you at the time? How old are you now?

at the time i was 14 or 15, i'm now 18

Have you ever seen your cousin that caught you naked?


Since he saw you do you want to see him?

was it a male cousin?


did they say anything to you the next time they saw you?

he tried to make fun of me about it but my aunty told him to shut up lol

ages of aunt and cousin?

aunty was in her 30s I think, don't know her exact age. cousin was little, i think he was probably 8 or 9 at the time