I have been caught naked at our farm a few times. Most recently just yesterday.
I was at a place on our farm that is near the property line to the neighboring farm. I was emptying my car of some debris (stones) I had picked up at another property where I had been doing some work earlier in the day.
I had been nude most of the day, dressing to meet some people who wanted see the property where I was working, to have lunch at a local restaurant, another chore and then back off with the clothes. They really are just a nuisance.
This place on the farm is near an access road the adjacent farmer uses occasionally to get to an equipment shed he has there. I was working away and all of a sudden looked up and there was this farm truck with two guys in it. I squatted down below the shrubs and foliage and was out of their view. Awkward. I'm often chagrined at my reaction when seen unexpectedly like this. I don't even know for sure if they saw me. I certainly wonder how they could have missed me. Sometimes people don't realize what they are seeing. You know, they only see what they expect and don't notice the obvious. I guess I might hear about it if they did. We'll see.
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Well, It's getting to be that time year once again and I still haven't heard anything about this incident.

Just a follow up. As of today I have heard nothing.

I have 6 acres and am surrounded by 42 acres my neighbor owns. He grows and harvests hay 5-6 times a summer. I walk around outside, nude often and also lay out working on my tan. There have been a few times where he has driven his tractor nearby and has possibly seen me. It's a little awkward at times as I don't know how he feels about it. Another time a customer of his drove up my driveway inquiring about hay for sale. I was tanning when I heard her voice. I stood up and asked her what I could do for her, she was in a little bit of a shock seeing me nude, but explained she was looking for hay. I said, you have the wrong house and pointed her in the right direction.

That sounds like my situation only not so close in and compact. I have had people drive up often but I have a driveway that lends itself to a pretty good notice.

Maybe put up a sign - "Nudity ahead, proceed at your own risk".
Sounds like you've got a great place.

How nice that you have a place where you can be naked most of the day!

You are so right. And it doesn't go unappreciated either. I am very fortunate.

Quite jealous. Long time ago I had a piece of land, about 7 acres, in the foothills. I'd visit occasionally to camp on it and do some work. Once there, the clothes would come off and stay off all day. So nice to feel breeze and sun on skin all day.