I just had a very embarrassing moment. I was babysitting two little boys and their baby brother. The other boys were about 10. I was taking care of the baby when it threw up all over me. It was in my hair and all over my shirt. The two other boys thought that it was pretty funny. I was not having any luck getting clean using the sink and the two boys said that they watch their brother all of the time, so I went to take a shower. About half way through my shower one of the boys started banging on the door screaming that it was an emergency. I jumped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and ran out of the bathroom. He said to follow him outside so we both took off at a run out the front door. I ran through the door and was looking frantically for the emergency. All of the sudden one of them grabbed my towel, ripped it off of my body and they both ran back in the house and locked the door. I stood there butt naked in front of their house, next to a pretty busy street. I froze and it took a car full of boys to lean out the window of their passing car whistling and screaming for me to come to my senses and throw my hands over my boobs and my crotch. I turned around and ran to the door, and begged the kids to let me back in, but they just kept laughing. I ran over to the gate that goes to their back yard but it was locked I could not climb over the fence because it was too tall and pointy. I ran back to the front door and begged some more, but there was no way that they were going to let me in. Several more people either drove by and saw me, or they walked by and saw me and laughed. Some people even walked closer to me for a better look. By this time I was crying and crouched behind a small plant. Some boys came over and they were all laughing at me and they were saying really rude things. They took some pics of me, but I was wrapped up with my legs over my chest, and my face buried in my knees. Suddenly the woman I was babysitting for walked up and saw what was happening. She made the boys leave and then let me in the house. I was still crying. And was still naked. The mom started yelling at the kids and she made them apologize. Meanwhile the dad walked in and saw me, still naked. I screamed and the mom ushered me out of the room. I was then in what I guess was their library, still completely naked. My clothes were on the other side of the house. The mom came in with a robe and apologized profusely. I had to walk back through the rest of the family before I could go get my clothes and go home. I can't count how many people saw me naked. I am so embarrassed.
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2 Responses Aug 28, 2014

At least those little turds got hammered for their behavior..

Wow! Sounds horrific! I bet those boys loved it though. Did they get grounded?

As humiliating as the experience was though, were you turned on at all during the incident?