My Students Caught Me Naked In The Locker Room - I never told this to no one because I was to a shame, but I really needed to get this out of my system. I was a PE professor for some months, had just turn 25 and was giving classes to 17 and 18 kids. I noticed they they drool staring at me during classes, and honestly I kinda like it :$ At the end of the day I always showered, and one day I started listing some strange noises coming at the corner of my locker room, I semi cover myself with the towel and went to take a look. I was surprised when I saw 3 of my students, pants down with hard on ************ with me.. I went beserk at the situation, but they were so horny that just decided to grab my towel and brab my *** and breasts. By that time I started to be a little scared, specially when they started to touch my body with their penis. I ask them to go away and I wouldn't tell this to no one, but they said that it would be a better ideia if I just blow them and never tell no one. Before I could answer what ever I was thinking I felt some fingers entering my vagina and back side :S, time that I was lower to the floor into my knees and their penis touching my face. I admit at that time I was a bit (a lot) horny as well and may have open my mouth allowing for one of them to put it inside :$ maybe it was a bad decision but after that I was impossible to me to say no to them as I found my self being grabbed and legs open to have sex one after the other. I admit it was very exciting all the situation and every time I think about it I get a bit wet. Sorry about my english, but it is not my original language.
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As long as it was consensual and enjoyable for all involved, sweetie-THAT is all that matters! :)

So HOT! please add me for I would love to chat with you.

OMG thisis so exiting... love the way you "handle" them lol

well they basically gang raped you -but if you enjoyed it I GUESS IT WAS OKAY

Very lucky students. Were there other times when you had sex with them?

Very exciting!

Vert hot story!! Do you like it when guys ********** while reading your stories?

No problems with that. Sounds good

thank you for sharing, sounds like deep down everyone got what they wanted :)

Let me guess ... you never did tell anyone, just like they asked.

read the rest of my stories and confessions

how big were they?


Mmmmmmm sounds very hot

They where very lucky students.

not only they

That is true. You where lucky as well.