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I have been unemployed the past few weeks so while I am home I stay naked. I have been doing some things around the house and have had several UPS deliveries. The UPS delivery man has usually been showing up late in the afternoon so I keep a pair of shorts near the front door to slip on before I answer the door.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen when I heard a knock on the back door and as I turned to see who it was I saw a UPS delivery woman standing there looking right at me. Knowing she has already seen me I did not bother to cover up and went to open the screen door so I could sign for the package.

As I signed I noticed she glanced down at my waist and as I handed the board back she smiled a little and said "Thanks for the show" the turned to walk back to her truck.

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I do the same thing with the shorts by the door for the UPS delivery. One day I forgot and only had my tight boxer briefs by the door. I was beating off and he knocked on the door. I had a raging ***** and told him to hold on. I threw my underwear on and it was showing in the underwear. I opened the door and tried to hide behind it but due to the package size it required me to come from behind to door to sign for it and get it from him. I know he saw my swollen package. Would have been great if it was a woman driver.


Most of the UPS delivery people are cool. Near me there are plenty of nudist resorts so it has never been a problem and usual the women delivery person always smile and says enjoy your day and don;t get that nice tool burnt.

It's great that you didn't act like there was something wrong or offensive and covered up. Nudity is natural and maybe you broadened one person's thoughts on that.


So by the end of the story you had TWO packages in view of the delivery woman.

bigjohn76 - sorry to say "That's all there is"

Any fear is a learned response, I think.

People that find nudity offensive puzzle me, I'm glad she was a good sport.