Under the Christmas Tree

My husband and I were home alone one afternoon in the living room, relaxing and talking about Christmas, how much we loved one another and on and on.

We started making out on the couch and eventually fell onto the floor where we made fantastic love and collapsed in each others arms, cuddling under the light of our Christmas Tree. It was perfect, and we fell asleep.

About...half an hour after we fell asleep my sister walked into the house, no knocking, nothing and saw us on the floor. She shut the door and immediatly left.

I about peed myself I was so embaressed not to mention shocked when woken up.

She had come by to get my hubby and I so we could see her kids perform at the Christmas pagent at the church, so we had to get up and get dressed and join the family to go together.

We havn't talked about it since, but she has never forgotten to knock since.

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13 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Well Shame on Your sister in the first place, And shame on you for not having better security on the doors to your place when the two of you decide to do the "wild thing" on the floor of the living room

Would love to have known a bit more...is your sis older? Did she stare at your husband? Nice innocent story. Thanks for sharing!


thats way i tell all my friends and relatives, if you want to come over to visit me, you better call first and let me know your comming, other wise you may knock on the door and may not get in even if i am home.

Well, that's one fine way to teach people to be careful of your privacy.... and in an case, being Christmas and all, isn't it better to give than receive? ;-)

surprised that your sister hasn't tried to see it again - musta ben a beautiful sight!

I had come home from a date to a house I shared with a room mate, I entered the house and started down the hallway that led to the bedrooms, and on the floor in the hallway there was my room mate and his girlfriend going for it, she was on top and stoped as I walked by, I said why don't you two get a room and closed my door, they continued for awhile as the proper noises were being made. That was many years ago, they are married now, I still like to tease then about it once in awhile.

Last I heard there was nothing unusual or wrong about a husband and a wife having sex alone in their own house. If someone walks in on you unnanounced without knocking in your house that is their problem. If they did tell anyone so what. What are they going to say. They came in without knocking and found you in your own living room naked with your husband having just had sex. Hopefully the fact that you might have sex with your husband isn't news to anybody and certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. If anybody has anything to be embarrassed about it would be your sister for coming in without knocking. <br />
One time I was asllep in my living room naked when a friend of my sisters came by and walked in without knocking. I grabbed a blanket to cover up out of courtesy but once again I was not the one doing anything wrong. She walked into our house without knocking and found me naked. She didn't comment about it but if she had ob<x>jected I would have just said if you don't want to risk seeing someone naked knock before coming in their house.

That is a hillarious story. If your sister walking in on you without knocking, that is her problem not yours. It goes to say, what happenes in the privacy of your home, stays in your home.

Once my 22 years sister in law walkd on us when I was having sex with my wife totally naked in our room. So I stood to cover up but my wife didn’t made any attempt to dress up. But I was surprised when my sister in law said “don’t stop continue” So we continue having sex. Sister in law then left the room smiling. She came in two more time for no reasons when we were having sex.

Had a similar experience. But I was the one that walked in on My Aunt,who was visiting us, and her boyfriend. Can still see the scene like it was yesterday. Any plans for next Christmas? lol

Had a similar experience. But I was the one that walked in on My Aunt,who was visiting us, and her boyfriend. Can still see the scene like it was yesterday. Any plans for next Christmas? lol

I could see that happening to me as well except that my wife never leaves the door unlocked. Funny story. Maybe your sister has learned her lesson lol