December 31, 1999

December 31, 1999, the Millenium. I decided to ring it in with a streak. At the stroke of midnight, out the door I went. I was carrying a sign that said "2000". I was wearing a pair of gym shoes and a scarf.  I ran down the street and through the parking lot of a bar. My coward ex-wife wouldn't streak with me but was more than happy to follow and snap a few photos along the way. I made the return trip home safely, laughed and had a few more drinks. About four months later, I was talking to my neighbor and his wife. They told me, in a matter of fact way, that they saw me on New Year's Eve. I thought it was funny right away, as I don't have any hang ups about nudity. My neighbor said he wished I had told him about it, because he would have gone also! Anyhoo, no regrets and I'd do it again. I can't think of a better way to ring in a once in a lifetime milestone like that.    

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4 Responses May 7, 2009

Great way to celebrate a New Year & a millennium!! Thanks for sharing. Would have liked to see some of those pictures your wife snapped!!
Naked Sissy Stephie

That is the way to bring in the new year, I want to go next year!!!

Technically, Moontan, you were a year early. There are 1000 years in a millennium. The first year of the first millennium is the year 1 and the last year is the year 1000. In the second millennium the first year is 1001 the last year is 2000. Not 1999; 2000. It ain't over till it's all over, including the last year. The end of the millennium was December 31, 2000. But by now it's too late to do over. Maybe you can celebrate the end of the decade -- on December 31, 2020.<br />
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Or just to be on the safe side you could celebrate the end of every year....