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The Window Washer

This morning I had just finished showering and walked out of the bathroom. I live on the second floor and there is no reason to close the drapes on my room. Well this morning they were washing the windows on my apartment. To my surprise there were two young men on ladders outside my window. They really got a good look. I just slowly dressed while they watched.

dnsk1 dnsk1 36-40, F 16 Responses Jun 8, 2009

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MMMmmmmmmmmmmm yum!

Good one Chris914! Did they both act embarassed or just ogle you for all they were worth? Did you wink or doing "inadvertant" ***** shots or caresses for them?

Hay, I am wet most of the time

I only want to help

I only want to help

I only want to help

Now THAT is being neighborly!!

gave him a wonderful view

Hope you gave them a good view of your goodies!

I wish i could have been there to enjoy your sexy body

Oh the joys and beauty of the human female form!

Oh the joys and beauty of the human female form!

Dnsk and Mom. I do believe you are both exhibitionists!! NO? Well I for one love exhibioists and am one, but i am also a voyeur. Do you ever plan an exhibition and act like it is an accident?? if so I would love to watch . lol lol

I just read a question that asked if money didn't matter... what job would you want. I couldn't pick one in particular... but now I have decided... a window washer... :-)

In another situation I may have invited them in for a little mfm fun.

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