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Caught By Mother In Law

 I've been caught naked many times, some of them being caught on purpose, so I think I'd better share these stories on the exhibitionism group, but now I want to share one of my best times.

Last summer I was visiting my in laws at their cottage. After swimming in their pool, I went upstairs to change my swimsuit. Being alone, I took it off and stood in our bedroom window watching the kids playing in the pool. Then I heard my mother in law's voice coming from the hallway asking me if I'd like to have a soft drink. I turned my head when she appeared at the door.

She looked me surprised and said "Oh Sorry, I didn't know you was naked" and asked again "Do you want something to drink?". I answered yes and said I would be downstairs in a few seconds. "OK", she said and left. Best of all was that she didn't stop a moment looking at my naked butt and acted very natural.

Later, I told my wife the incident and she seemed surprised by her mother's reaction, being a prude like she is.


JCSP22 JCSP22 41-45, M 9 Responses Jun 18, 2009

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I'm somewhat a secret home nudist, but wife knows, and I do everything at home naked, except for cooking. I was vacuuming one day and mother in law let herself in the house as I didn't hear the doorbell and caught me vacuuming while naked, and with an erection as I like to stroke myself (because a hard on feels good). She was very surprised but quickly smiled, and said "My daughter is very lucky to have you as a husband, because you help clean house! " She smiled again and winked and went to another room to allow me a chance to dress. I am lucky to have such a cool mother in law!

I let my now ex mother in law see me naked often.I have been video calling her lately and did this morning while I was in the shower.She doesn't seem to mind and I love it.

I'm a bit unsure if you meant your wife was prudish or she thought her mother was.... perhaps we imaging that our parents are prudish when maybe they were like that to set a community required moral standard, but as adult children, they can be human again!<br />
I was surprised to learn that my very straight laced father at 70 was very appreciative of the beauty of the women on the Thai airlines flights, and went to a risque show in France with my mother when they did their big overseas trip on retirement.

In my experience, it seems that simple nudity is less climatic then we would expect. It seems like it would be this shocking experience, when in reality it turns out being a sort of a peaceful and tranquil experience. It must be the media that always seems to display nudity in a sexual context, or maybe a mentally deranged context. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sexually-charged nudity, it just doesn't have to be and often isn't in a family or public context. As laws are relaxed and allow more freedom in this area, I think we will realize we were making a big to-do about nothing.

Well, try it again - evidently there's a willing viewer!<br />
Did u like it?

I was staying with my in-laws. My wife and FIL went out to get a paper and food just as I got back from a run. I went up to get changed and while I was getting changed MIL came up to tell be coffee was ready. She put her head round the door while I was completely nude. I was embarassed but she just said, oh don't worry about that, come down as you are". I thought what the heck so went down starkers. She couldn't seem to stop herself from checking me out. I got dressed eventually before the others got back though.

I bet she wouldn't mind walking in on that again.

I didn't tell my wife when her mother saw me first time naked.

Nakedness is natural! And she being a mother-in-law would have seen a naked man before, I guess!<br />
<br />
Good story!