Caught Together With My Mother In Law

My mother-in-law saw me naked in the shower. Early in the morning, she came in the bathroom without knowing it was me. She forgot her glasses and she was not completely awake. I saw her take place on the toilet and she started to pee! I saw her bush and back because she put down her night dress pants! Maybe she taught I was her husband. Once done, she approaches near the shower glass and started to look at me (remember, she forgot her glasses). I was semi-erect…because the situation turned me on. Suddenly, she realized that I was not her husband :) and she left the bathroom few seconds later.

Later, we talked about the incident and she said me that she was very happy to see me naked. She said that my wife is a lucky girl!

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2 Responses Jul 14, 2009

I think all women like to see naked men, whether they admit to it or not, And by the pics that I seen i would of opened the shower door to get a closer look...

Yes, your wife is a very lucky girl.