My Step-dad Saw Me

It was when I was 13 or 14 years old so I was in 9th grade, and my step-dad, his name was Bob, my mom has since divorced him, but one day he came home early from work.  He used to get off work at 5pm, but this day he got off early and was home at around 4pm so when he walked in the door, I was scrambling to put on my clothes, and he saw me naked and yell at me.

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4 Responses Jul 25, 2009

Well he is a guy too, but were you still embarrased? Had you started puberty and did he see all of you? Did either of your parents ever spank you back then, like yiour step dad or mom and lastly why were you naked in the living room?

Yeah, it's in my plans, but first I have to find the right girl. I always told myself that if I ever become or when I become a parent that I was going to be a better parent then my parents. By the way, you stay naughty too.

lol, yeah, I agree with you. I also think people should have to take courses to learn how to be decent, understanding parents.

I don't like to talk bad about people, but my step-dad was an a$$hole, so he yell at me about eveything. I'll tell you this, I was doing something naughty, but he didn't see that. He was yelling at me like "What the hell are you doing naked!" so I could assume that he opposed of nudity. I lied and said I was changing my clothes.