Girls Pulled My Pants Down

This is the wonderfully true story of what happened to me - one of the most blushingly embarrassing giggly and cutest stories you will ever read:

I am such a nice boy. So shy, so sweet, so polite, and so proper. Always
perfectly well-mannered and well-behaved. And modest as can be. Always on my
best behavior - that's me! Hair combed just right, nicely dressed - that's me!
Dainty and sweet as pudding. A real dandy. I always got compliments about how
well-mannered and well-behaved I was.

Modesty about my body was everything to me. There was nothing more private than
my body, and nothing more embarrassing than my dirty toilet parts. My upbringing
was strict. I was carefully taught about privacy, especially when it came to my
body. The very thought of being naked in front of anyone made me feel completely

I was often in the company of my girl cousins, Kathy and Pauline. I loved being
around them. We had so much fun. We got along well together, and frequently
joked around.

Then they started to change. My girl cousins Kathy and Pauline started to become
so nasty to me! They were teasing me because I was a boy. They were so mean to
me! Their comments toward me became very rude and very sexual. They embarrassed
me so badly by talking about undressing me and seeing my dicky-****.

But I would never let them! NEVER! No one ever got to see! NO ONE! ESPECIALLY
GIRLS! Their nasty talk of taking off my clothes was bad enough, but at least I
would NEVER let them see! Especially my own cousins, who I had to be together
with all the time! How could I ever face them if they ever SAW?!!! I'd be just
so ashamed. Especially such a good boy like me, always so nicely dressed and so
well-behaved. And especially because my girl cousins were so pretty!  My body was private! Completely private! No one,
but no one, could ever ever see!

One day, we were visiting, and my girl cousins suggested we go out for a nice
little walk. There I was, walking down the street on that hot summer day. Kathy
and Pauline were walking behind me, whispering and giggling. What were they
doing? I just kept walking, thinking that they were just being typical giggly

Then I felt fingers touching the sides of my pants. Hey! What was happening? Who
was touching my pants. This did not feel right! I stopped walking and tried to
turn around.

Then suddenly… suddenly…

Pauline had grabbed my shorts and underwear and pulled them right down to my
ankles!!! I blushed so badly! I was just so very very embarrassed!

They got a good look at my bare bum, then walked in front of me, and examined my
naked dinky. When I went to pick up my pants, Kathy laughed, untied my
shoelaces, and tied my pants and underwear down to my shoes! They ******** me on
a public sidewalk! I just stood there, feeling completely naked, while they
teased me and laughed at me.

"Ha-ha! Look at Johnny's dinky!"
"Did you get a good look at his bare bum?"
"Oh yes, but I like his penis even better!"
"Look how red his face is!"
"Ha-ha, Johnny! Pauline pulled your pants down! Pauline pulled your pants down!"

I never told anyone - I was just too embarrassed. So I just never said a word
about what they did to me, and I just lived in complete embarrassment,
especially whenever I was around them.

JohnnyNaked JohnnyNaked
26-30, M
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I like for girls to pull down my pants or take off all of my cloths so they can se me complete naked that the stuff I like and don't care it the girls do se me complete naked

Get payback on them!!! right now!!!!

How old were you and how old were your cousisn? Had you started puberty? Did you ever get them back? Was that the last time they saw you naked? Did you tell on them?

What kind of pants/shorts were they?

just curious...

I was ******** by girls and boys and they were all naked with me and they locked the door on me and started playing with it so i hit the boys in their parts as HARD as i could with my scout walking stick (ps the boys r 13 and the girls r 14) then i had 2 pee so bad the boys said 2 pee in their mouths and i did the. I had 2 poop 1 girl said poop in her mouth i thought y not they disurve it so i did and then the girls touched me and put their butts down on my parts and told me 2 pee in their butt-holes i did then i slammed on the pbiys parts THE END

Just curious. How old were you and our cousins at the time?

dinky in public? wow!

nice story.<br />
Once when i was in my teens, i was swimming with some friends at the local pool, one of the girls we were with pulled the front of my swimming trunks out so she could get a look inside, i was surprised by what she had done, but i enjoyed having a cute young girl looking at my sex parts.

How old were you homesparky and were you shocked and did you try to pull away? Did she see everything? Anyone else see it too and had you started puberty?

I was about 12 or 13 i guess.
I would have been well into puberty by then but not fully developed.
I was a bit surprised, but i did not mind, she got a good look at my bits but i do not think anyone else saw it happen.
It happened to fast for me to get a stiffy, but i soon would have if it had lasted longer, i enjoyed thinking about it later and having a good ****, wishing she was watching me.

Was that the only time a girl your age did something like like? Had your sister or other females in your family seen you naked by accident or otherwise after you reached puberty? What did your frfeinds say to you, I am sure they saw her do it? Was there any question on how much of you she saw, was the whole front of the pants pulled down to almost knees or just pulled out giving her a quick glimpse.

Bummy-bum and dinky? Wow.

wow i would love such girl cousins.....some day as a revenge i would have ******** a payback.

you should just find a moment where they are alone in a room with just you and noone else is there and take everthing off

wow, that's terrible! you should've gotten them back!

hi, when i was 14, i was walking home from shool with 2 girls who lived in my village. one evening they asked if yhey could se my ****. i said no. then the older girl who was 16 said if i give you 5 pounds will you show us your ****. i couldnt resist as i didnt have any money and they were v pretty. so i let her pull my pants down and let them play with my now rock hard ****. mmmm wat an experiance. that night i lost my virginity to a lovely girl. xxx

i can see the complete sarcasm that you had there towards anotherguyagain your probably right tho hes prob just making up storys and im sorry about what happened to you man sound like your cozens are ******* ha

That must be very embarrassing and perhaps leave you shaken....someone pulled my pants too....i not sure if my*****showed and i had the oportunity of give him a punch but i didnt...should i gave him the punch???

I wished I could pull down their panties, but I was too afraid of what they might do to me next. Like maybe they would take off all my clothes, and make me have to run around naked in the streets. So I was very submissive whenever I was around them. I never tried to stop them from anything they did to me. Sometimes they peeked inside my underwear to get a close-up look.