Nurses Assistant Sees It All

When I was in the seventh grade all the boys had to have a hernia exam. That means the doctor puts his fingers behind your scrotum and asks you to cough.  Well, the boys were in the nurses outer office and the doctor and nurse had chairs set up in the nurse's inner office.  One at a time we walk in front of the doctor, he had us cough, and the nurse wrote down the results.  Of course, the nurse got an eye full of young penises. That was ok, she must have been at least 50 years old and I'm sure seen plenty of penises in her day.
I was about 5th or 6th in line and could see what was going on ahead of me.  My best friend, Don, was next in line and in walked Linda the girl I had just started seeing.  She was the nurses assistant that day and came in to give the nurse a message.  She stood behind the nurse while the message was read.  Poor Don, he was only a few feet away with his pants down and his penis exposed.  Linda had no trouble seeing and Don was so embarrassed.  I also thought it was funny because Linda would surely be gone by the time it was my turn.
Unfortunately, the nurse decided to write a note on the back and Linda hung around waiting.  Each guy would approach the doctor, hesitate and look up at Linda, she would smile and eventually they would drop their pants.  Linda was quite obviously enjoying this and I was getting worried.  There was now only one person ahead of me.
As that person finished I saw the nurse finish her note and give it back to Linda.  I felt saved.  Linda would leave before I approached the doctor.  But, no.  She decided to stay even after she had the note.  I stood in front of the seated doctor and nurse and look directly at Linda standing behind them.  Surely someone would say something and Linda would leave.  All that happened was the doctor motioned for me to drop my pants.  I swallowed hard and let the pants and underwear fall to the floor.  All the time I'm looking straight at Linda, she has the biggest smile on her face and is making eye contact below my waist.  When the embarrassment ended, Linda simply smiled and walked away.
Later she told me that she had never seen anything like that.

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In the early 70's I attended a small grade school near Chicago. As there were only about 250 students in grades k-6 we did not have a school nurse or a nurse's office. Once a year the district would send a nurse ( a different one every year, but always female) to examine all the students for scoliosis. The exams were always done in the school main office the adjoining principals office. The girls would go in the morning and the boys in the afternoon. We would be sent down in groups of 4 to the office where the school secretary would have us boys remove our shirts , shoes, socks and belts. We would step on the scale and be measured and then sent to line by the principals office. The nurse would check each boys posture then have them unbutton their pants bend over and touch their toes while she slowly slid her hand from the neck to the tail bone as the boys in line looked on .The principal would bet sitting at her desk recording what the nurse said. My 6th grade year was different. The schedule was running behind and was rushed as it was near the end of the school day. When I got to the office I saw 6 for my classmates in just their underpants standing in line and one on the scale . The school secretary told us to remove everything but underpants and line up to be weighed and measured. I felt embarrassed but we all did as we were told. As I was slow getting undressed I was last in line for the scale standing in the open doorway in just my tightey whiteys. The nurse called the secretary into the principals office for something and everything stopped for a few minutes that seemed to take forever. As I was standing in the door my music teacher came round the corner ad actually walked in to the office with a cheery good afternoon boys. She got something form the secretary and left. I was finally weighed and measured and sent to the other line . The scoliosis exam seemed similar as prior years but was taking longer. I watched my classmate through the open door. He walked a few steps each way for the nurse, stood in front of her , turned around facing us with his back to the nurse and slowly bent over. As the nurse slid her hand down his back it looked like she slid his underpants down , I could not tell, but the next classmates were as when he stood up his tiny hairless penis was visible to us as he yanked up his briefs. The next student stayed down to cover himself first. My turn came and the nurse quickly slid her hand down my back and only slightly in to my briefs between my cheeks, thinking I was done I stood up but the nurse pushed me back down and pulled my briefs to my knees. The thought of the principal seeing my bare bottom made me nervous and my briefs slipped to my ankles making me trip forward. I tried to catch myself I stepped out of them . I quickly got up , now bare and giving the secretary and the last boys in line a view of my penis . Without thinking I turned around showing the principal and nurse a view as well. I picked up my briefs and got dressed as fast as possible


This was hilarious, I admire linda

Of course your girlfriend would be interested to see "what kind of 'package' you had" - it was a good, blame-free opportunity to see what could never be seen in blame-free circumstances in any other way! I remember at high school the girls would sometimes roll around on the grass playground under unwary standing boys, hoping that they would have no undies on, so they could get an eyeful that way...

Let's face it - everybody has a sex organ - its part of every human's equipment - and its natural to want to know about these things. And that being the case, I think that everyone SHOULD know about these things... We're all the same species, after all! And anyway, it IS a piece of equipment, on our physical bodies - which are equipment too! "I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience"... our bodies are not really us, they are simply equipment for down here in the physical; and because they are so short-lived, bodies need to be replaced - they need us to make new ones. What could be more logical and natural? And so should a calm contemplation of them be, too!

Why not let girls see boys get examined, i think it would be good for the boys to get used to girls seeing them naked, boys would learn to to be so shy about being naked.<br />
Nowadays young guys do not even get naked in an all guy environment like changing rooms, they are so shy about being seen naked by anyone.

No, i think girls shouls be kept covered up, otherwise the boys may get carried away.

Yes, but my point is if it became normal practice the guys would loose their shame.

if i were her, when the doctor told you to pull down ur pants, i would have secretly pulled up my shirt. unless the doctor and nurse could see her. but i would have given you an equal show ;)

lol, I don't know if that would be such a good idea! Doing that in front of a 7th grade boy with his pants and underwear down around his ankles could cause an embarrassing physical reaction, lol!

Same kinda exam in the army ... nurses wre welcomed by all I's ... lol

i remember i got laughed at before at the er i was 15 this time i was sick and had too go to the hospital well as i was in the er 2 nurses took my clothes off me they werte probably early 20's well they noticed my 1 inch penis as i stood their in front of them naked i remeber they said to follow them i wasnt sure what to do then i just followed them they said to stay here as we came in to a room across the halland they left i stood there for accouple minutes then the other door in the room opened and in walked 2 middle age ladies they werent nurses or docters either they saw me i wasnt sure what to do then they giggled alittle as they walked closer one said well hello. the other said hey honey how old are you. i said 15 then the other lady said god thats a small thing. they both laughed i ran out the hall and turned the corner and bang i was right in the waiting room it was full with people god i was pretty embarressed

god did she ever say what she thought

I rather question any school allowing a girl to be in the room watching the boys get a hernia or any other private examination. I had an examination of my privates done in school once when I was a kid but they took each boy one by one into a curtained area to do it. As far as having the boys stand in line having it done in front of each other I couldn't say. It seems odd but possible. However allowing another student of the opposite sex to stand there watching the whole thing if it happened it shouldn't have. The nurse was female but that isn't as important. They were doing their job. Allowing the fellow student of the opposite sex in the room for that kind of examination for no reason is a really bad idea. The boys are going to be embarrased enough wiithout having a girl watching them. Imagine if the situation were reversed and the girls were being brought in for an examination of their private parts and a boy student were allowed by the school to come in and watch while 6 or 7 girls pulled their pants down and had their privates examined by a doctor. Certainly today that would have been allowed.