My gf and I were parked at the end of a dead end country road and were both totally undressed and just starting to fool around when a set of lights started coming down the road toward us. We scrambled madly to put some clothes on but failed miserably.. I managed to cover my crotch with my jacket and she got her crotch covered with her jeans but she was left covering her breasts with her arms.
I knew it was the cops when the high beams went on and the red and blues started flashing. The door opened . The flashlight came on and came toward us.. She's muttering "OH ****!" The flashlight shines in the car......right at her. He says to me "Did I catch you in the middle of something?" I said "No" He said"The end?" I said "No" He said "The beginning?" I said "Yes" He said " I think you should go somewhere else"I said "OK" The light was still on her. He said "Are you alright ma'am? She said "Yes" he said "Any booze in the car?" She said "No" He said "What are you hiding?" She said "Nothing" He said "Let me see your hands" She sat there and did nothing. He repeated "Let me see your hands". She sat there another couple of seconds and then turned toward him and held her big boobs up with both hands and said "Why didn't you just say you wanted to see these? The light went out and he returned to his car and as soon as he was out of sight, we got a blanket from the back seat and continued our business in a field over a fence away from the road.
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66-70, M
Jul 14, 2015