Wife Caught Naked in a Store!

My wife and I were visiting South Beach. She didn''t want to expose herself in public, but wore a sun dress with no underwear, knowing that nobody but us would know.

While we were walking around, we came across a girl with a totally sheer top and no bra.  I told my wife that I would love to see her try something like that on. She had laid out topless before, so that was not a huge stretch.  But it IS more daring to walk around with a sheer top where everybody else has clothes than to be topless when others are topless, too. 

We found a shop that had a cute dress that was sheer up top.  Although it normally would have been worn with a black bra, my wife tried it on braless and came out of the dressing room and let me (and everyone else in the store) see it.

The store had two dressing areas.  The first was in the middle of the store where the sales people could talk with the customers and get them clothes while they were changing.  The walls were about five feet tall, so women could see out and talk and still have a little privacy.  The second dressing area was traditional chainging rooms that our salesman said she should use if she was trying on a swimsuit or lingerie.

Since my wife didn't have underwear on, she should have used the private changing rooms. But she didn't think anybody would see anything in the less private changing area because the 5' walls blocked everybody's view.  Just as she finished taking off the sheer top dress, the salesman said, "You have to try this dress.  It is beautiful."  And he walked right up to the edge of the changing area.  He was 6'4" and could see everything inside.  It was probably normal to bring clothes to the less public changing area because that is the point of the set-up.  Since the first dress was sheer on top he probably thought she wouldn't care if he saw her topless, as he had to know she had no top on and had just removed the dress. 

My wife was shocked.  She stood there totally nude as he looked at her front and casually said, "I will hang these right here so you can try them on."  She was embarrassed and was frozen, not covering herself at all, because she was totally caught off guard.  She acted like nothing had happened but told me after we left the store how embarrassed and surprised she had been.

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2 Responses Sep 16, 2009

Embarassed? Really? Bet after the first couple of seconds she just froze and later just said that but actually loved having him look.

god i know how it feels to be caught naked in a store i got panstsed im small and i was 14 then i asked the girl at the store if they sold smaller condoms she left came back wit another girl then a girl pulled my shorts down i did have a shirt on it was summer i fell to the floor there they stood over my examining my naked body laughing the one girl said we dont sell lil condoms