I have been caught naked a few times in my life. I never really thought it was much of a big deal. The way I was raised was such that nudity was not a taboo thing. Don't get me wrong, we weren't nudists or anything, but eh... mom walking across the house without a top on to get a bra out of the dryer wasn't uncommon, and other things like that.

I was recently caught topless by the UPS guy of all people. I have off on Thursdays, and a few Thursdays ago, the weather was great, so I went into the backyard with a lawn chair and was sunbathing topless. I forgot that I was waiting on a package to get delivered, as I ordered it a while ago and it was on backorder. The package was something that needed to be signed for. He tried the front door and no one was there, so he came around back. It is hard to explain how my back yard looks, but the delivery guy coming around back wasn't weird at all. I have a back door that is kind of in a weird spot, not fenced in, but the fenced in area of my back yard, where I was at, is a lower fence that you can easily see over if you come into my backyard.

Anyways, I didn't even hear him until he said, "excuse me miss", of which i was definitely caught off guard. I had completely forgot about any package. The problem was I had only gone in the back yard in bikini bottoms and nothing else to cover up with, so I was pretty much left there with the only thing to cover up being my hands. I kind of chalked it up the UPS guy's lucky day haha, and went and signed for the package across the fence without running inside to put on a top. I mean, the UPS guy was a mature guy who didn't freak out, and as I said before I am pretty comfortable with nudity, but it has definitely been a funny story to tell my friends...they say things like, "I bet he DID have a package to deliver for you" lol.
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Ive seen a few of my customers naked while i was making deliveries.

Great story and he is a lucky man to have you as the image in his head all day. I am sure the "other" nudity he sees doesnt measure up to what he saw making your delivery!

They are trained to handle situations like this. They see nude folks all the time.

I wonder how they are specifically trained for this...prior to making deliveries, are they forced to look and naked men and women :P

LOL!!!....Now I'm going to apply for that job!!!

LOL Great question, they are briefed that they WILL eventually and maybe often see people who answer the door nude or scantily clad. They are taught to keep their composure, smile if they wish but remain professional at all times and not make the customer feel bad or insecure. Soon, they realize it's just part of the job. Not a bad perk if you ask me. :)

A friend of mine used to read meters for the gas company going house to house.... on occasion he would see a customer sun bathing nude in the yard. He was also taught to remain professional.

Sooooo you don't like tan lines I take it?

haha, I don't mind them, but..well, why not? lol

Have you been caught snoring naked lol

haha, well if I was asleep and snoring, how would I know if someone saw me? :P

Tmz reported you were snoring naked. Veterinarian EP starlet was spotted snoring naked for hours :)

hahahaha...darn that TMZ

What were you doing that made you sleepy naked ? Off getting jiggy with pop icon Beck?

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Special deliver 😂😂😂

It was an innocent encounter. Nothing wrong with that. Bet he enjoyed it and sounds like you did too.

I bet he sees topless women pretty regularly on the job.

I couldn't imagine some of the things delivery guys see during the day

Almost makes me want to be a delivery guy myself....

My wife has been out in the backyard tanning several times and the UPS guy came to deliver packages. She had checked when they were supposed to be delivered, but they came a day early. He got the full view, but was very apologetic for walking up on her. She said he did talk a little, but stayed professional.

yes he was very professional, probably wasn't the first time something like this has happened

True....he probably LOVES his jobs on days like that, LOL

I would love to see what he saw

What a lucky guy

Do you sunbathe nude and what would you have done if you were and the UPS guy turned up?
I've often wondered if I would answer the door naked if someone knocked!?

By nude do you mean no bottoms? I don't really, there is something about not wearing bottoms that I don't like. I would have probably felt much more vulnerable completely naked, and might have gone in to cover up.

Yes, that is what I meant. Fair enough. Nude sunbathing isn't for everyone.