Years go there was an eclipse of the moon but it was cloudy and it didn't look like we were going to get to see it. My wife was sitting in a lawn chair waiting in case there was a break in the clouds. I was in the bedroom just inside the house reading. I was in my usual bedtime attire, my birthday suit. All of a sudden there was a yell from the front yard, "Come quick, or you'll miss it! Hurry! Hurry! the cloud is going to close up again Hurry! I jumped out of bed and ran out to the middle of the front lawn just in time to see the eclipse for a few seconds before the clouds started closing up again. Problem was, my wife's yelling had brought the neighbors out to see it too and when they stepped out onto their driveway, the motion detectors turned on all the flood lights which lit up their front yard and part of mine including me standing there buck *** naked. The neighbor lady says, "OH! We have a lunar eclipse and a full moon on the same night!" We all had a good laugh at my expense as I retreated indoors.
phph phph
66-70, M
Nov 14, 2015