So years ago, me and the rest of the students in my grade had gone on a school trip to spend the entire school day instead at a water park. The park was massive, and since everybody went off in their own directions, I lost my friends two hours into our stay at the park. After going on so many rides, I decided to take it easy, and head off to the central swimming arena, where a bunch of people were off swimming an playing (basically a huge swimming pool). My shorts were a bit big, but it wasn't problem when I had gotten into the water before. So I went to a nearby edge, and jumped into the water. It was so relaxing, and I had went to a corner just to relax for myself. In the distance, I saw some shorts just floating in the water. After taking another glance at it, I realized that those were MY shorts. I placed my hand over my private parts, and tried to stay in the corner. With so many people around, if I swam to get by shorts back, I would've easily been caught. I later saw a group of teenage girls (luckily not from my school), grabbing my shorts, and throwing it around like some kind of ball, or something. I had stayed hidden in the corner for a really long time, until a lot of people were beginning to leave, as it was announced that the park's most popular ride would be closing in an hour. However, the girls who were still playing with my shorts stayed, giving me no chance to get them back. However, they later came up to me, asking me if these were my shorts. With no better choice left, I said yes. Many of them laughed, poking me, and telling me that there was nothing to be embarrassed of. One girl later threw my shorts over a nearby edge, and it had landed on the ground near there. With no other choice, I got myself out of the pool and exposed myself. The girls were pointing and laughing at me, saying to come back again, soon. After getting my shorts back, I quickly put them back on, and went to go find my friends.
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hey - it happens - all in good fun though!