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Caught By Teacher

When I was 16 my class had a trip to the Poconos. Due to a birth defect, I used crutches to get around and back in the 70's that presented some problems that don't exist as much today. My Trig teacher was one of the chaperones on the trip and my parents were friends with her and her husband. The kids didn't have their own room but each of the chaparones did.  Because of the times and my physical disability, I was very socially backward and pretty much kept to myself because of all the teasing I had endured during my childhood. The trip was mandatory but the other kids would be doing things like swimming and outdoor stuff I couldn't do but I was a big fisherman at the time and the Poconos is loaded with great fishing lakes and ponds, including the resort we were spending the day at so my parents asked my teacher if it were possible for me to spend the day fishing on one of the boats available for rent and they also asked the school if it were possible for me to have access to a room to change for dinner. The reason they asked for a room is that they knew I was very self conscious about being naked in front of other people. Even though I was very strong and in shape from years of walking on crutches, I was self conscious because my back has a slight curve right at the base of my spine due to my birth defect. Anyway my teacher said I could use the room her and her husband was using to shower and change before dinner.

I drove there with my teacher and her husband with my fishing gear and suitcase in the trunk and when we got there they gave me a key to the room. I spent the day fishing without much luck so I decided to go back early and take a long shower and get ready for dinner. Nobody  was there, so I took my shower and was spending some time combing my hair and washing my teeth when suddenly the door opened and there was my teacher carrying some towels. Evidently she either couldn't see the light was on or hearing the water from the sink running or she did it on purpose. I could see her in the mirror as I was standing there totally naked. I didn't know what to do and just froze while she had a wide eyed look of suprise for what seemed like minutes but was actually only a few seconds. Finally she said sorry, I didn't know you were back yet, I was just bringing in some towels. I said thanks but there were some already in the bathroom. She closed the door and I finished up and put on my suit which I had hanging in the bathroom to steam out any wrinkles that might be in it. I came out and and noticed that she was alone.  She apologized saying again that she didn't know I was back and I told her don't worry about it, and made a lame joke about  that happening to  me when I'm in the hospital a lot. I asked her where her husband was and she said he was still with a group of students that were by a lake, so we spent the next half hour trying to ignore what happened to us. From that time on I had a hard time concentrating in her class, some out of embarrassment but also because I had body issues  I was wondering what she thought of seeing me naked. I assume she never told her husband because neither of us ever spoke of it again.

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One time a female friend of mine walked in on me in a changing room while our class was on a camping trip. I tried my damnedest to keep cool and said, "Hey, as long as you aren't thinking anything sexual, we can continue this conversation." as I said with a growing erect ****. She always smiled at me more often from then on ;)

my teachers have seen me naked cuz i was pantsed and i got tied up naked in school i sucked cuz im quite small.

My teacher saw my penis as well because I was in front of a mirror and when she opened the door, I saw her eyes look down at my butt but as we had our short conversation, I saw her eyes move to the mirror and I could tell she was looking at my penis in the mirror. My penis is small when limp, about 3 1/2 inches, but when I noticed her looking at it, I got a full erection.

once 3 years back got i got pantsed in front of 3 female teachers i did not have a shirt on it was summer break i saw them and stopped to say hi and when i was doing that my cousin gracie came behind me and pulled my shorts down and she ran off all theirs eyes went straight down to my penis i was limp which is aproxmatly 2 inchs they started gigling i pulled up my shorts they said bye we hope to see you again