Purposely Caught

I was in the Foyer restroom this morning, beating off with the door cracked. My girlfriend was in the bedroom asleep, while her sister was getting ready for work. I anonymously posted a confession the first time I attempted this stunt looking for some answers to questions that have been puzzling me for a minute. After today, I now feel like the results I found were not coincidental as I expected. See it gets deep. Me and my girlfriend takes nude pics and some are stored on her sisters computer, and never mentioned anything about my pics until one of her male friends came over using her computer and stumbled across my pictures. Till this day, my pics aren't erased. She act's as if she cant stand me and we never talk to each other... either one of us come in the house from a long days absence, and exchange no greetings or goodbye's. Now to get back to the story, this wasn't the first time I did this just to see how she would react. It's just this time I was a little more bolder with the situation. I positioned the door so I could see from the outside and marked it off to be sure she could see me meat in hand when she exit her room, or walking by to exit the front door. I know I sound like a straight pervert, but check it right... every ones a perv to a certain extent. I will not go into details like I did on my anonymous confession, still you will know what's needed to know. There was no guessing this time... I know she saw me stroking.  Just like last time, No Shocked Reaction, No Loud Outburst, and Not 1 Word to Her Sister(My Girlfriend)...  acted if nothing had happened. When she arrived back home and into her room, I text my girlfriend to tell her sister that I was ordering food and that she could eat with us if she want tonight. And like the other 4 times she's called my girlfriend today... still not one word said. So now I've been on the phone with my girlfriend eaves dropping on their convo the whole time they went to go pick up the food... they've arrived back.... and Still Not One Word!!!!


1st question: Could she secretly have desire for me and act as if she dislikes me out of frustration?

2nd question: What would you have done in my situation?

BankheadBasher BankheadBasher
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1 Response Dec 15, 2009

Nice story. Here's what I think might be happening: don't know which it is.<br />
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She might have desires for you and is waiting for when she feels is the right moment for her to act on her desires. It could be that out of respect for her sister she doesn't want to take away a relationship her sister has with you.<br />
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Next, she's not going to publicly admit she saw the pics or you beatin' off, because someone else could twist it around on her and say she was somehow involved in it or accuse her of liking it. If she likes what she sees and thinks you don't know she sees it, she doesn't want to mention it for fear you would stop the show. So she's gonna keep playing dumb & blind and hope the show continues. If you think this is it, play along and pretend you're dumb too & don't know she's around. Try pretending you don't know she's home and walk around naked like you just got out of shower or something, or pretend you fell asleep nude on top of the bed, etc., you know, make some accidents happen. Another great one is to hurry up and answer the phone naked when she's around.<br />
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Finally, I think this is least likely, but maybe she doesn't like the show but is afraid to say something, again for fear someone may twist it around on her and say she started it, so maybe she's just puttin' up with your show and can't wait until it stops. But I don't think so.<br />
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Just don't go overboard with all the accidents. space them out to at least every few days, but don't do it all the time 24/7.<br />
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When youget to be my age, 50, you can still do everything you did when you were 20, but now you have the years of experience to draw from (like hmm, where did I see this one before...). Women are wired differently than men, for them the more important part of the relationship is the emotional aspect, which fuels the physical part. She won't want to jump in the sac with you until she gets the emotional part first. Seeing you naked is the physical part, which women want second, not first. So if you are interested in her, work on her mind first and cultivate the relationship mentally then the physical part will follow.<br />
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Good luck and hope it works out for you.