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Exposed In The Shower

     We were camping in the mountains, and going white water rafting. , and staying at this little"mom and pop" campground in the middle of nowhere.  The camp ground was in a beautiful area, and one of the amenities was that it had hot showers.  There was a log cabin type house that the owners lived in and used as a campground office as well. The showers were built on to the side of the cabin, and you entered from the outside.  You had to go inside to the office to get a key to unlock the showers.  I gathered my things and walked to the office to get the key, so I could shower.  In the office was an older man and younger man and three kids.  I assumed it was a grandfather, son, and grand kids.  The older man handed me the key, and I went outside, and to the shower.  The shower was small, like a lean to, had a sink with a mirror, a toilet, a shower stall, and a bench along the outside wall.

     I put my things down on the bench, and started undressing.  I kept hearing movement, and thought I heard voices, but thought they came from outside.  I was undressed and getting ready to step in the shower, and I saw some light flash through some cracks in the wall, like someone had opened the door on the other side of the wall.  My eyes must have adjusted to the light, because as I was turning on the shower, I could see into the next room.  Evidently the people were on the other side watching me.

     I decided to put on a good show.  I took my time showering, turning all around, washing my body and legs, I washed my hair, for a long time, put in creme rinse, and then I shaved my legs, my mound and arm pits, and rinsed my hair.  I got out of the shower and stood close to the other opening and took my time drying off.  I turned my back to the opening, and bent way over to dry my legs and feet.  I spent a long time their drying my hair.  I stood before the mirror naked, and did my my hair and make up, then sat down on the bench, and put on my panties, and stood up to put on the rest of my clothes.  As I went out the door, I held it open for a minute, and I saw the light coming through the cracks, and heard the door in the other room close.  I went back into the office, and handed the man the key.  I saw the dad and the kids glancing at me and the kids giggling.  The older gentleman smiled at me, and asked me if I enjoyed my shower, and I told him it was wonderful.

     The dad would walk by our tent, on his rounds in the campground, and was always friendly and talked to us.  I would see how he would look at me, and I was sure I had given him a good show.  I imagine most of the people never knew they were being spied on in the shower, but it was really a great turn on for me.

KimberlyAnnJ KimberlyAnnJ 36-40, F 49 Responses Jan 12, 2010

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wow naughty little you

how old were you at the time?

A lovely memory for you and them.

I could be wrong but I believe this may happen in lots of places. Exciting if you know and can put on a show.

Some people tend to get freaked out if they even suspect they are being watched, either secretively or obviously. This is not my thing, but that does not mean I cannot understand how some might be turned on by it - there is a never-ending curiosity factor for many males, and I suspect a curiosity factor for younger females also. It is only after we get older and understand the workings of bodies that these things begin to fade.

For the grandfather, a person might imagine he grew up with access to this "peep hole" and this led to him thinking of it as "normal" (though its not). For the father, well, maybe he was only with one woman in his entire life, the mother of his boys, and so he STILL has curiosity remaining from when he was much younger. Is there any blame to be placed on a person for that? - Finally the youngest boys are just being curious and taking their cues from the only make role models in their lives; this may not be great but it is possible to understand how such a situation might happen.

KimberlyAnnJ did not mention anything about seeing a woman in the cabin/office, so when you get this many "horny dudes" together in one place, who can predict how their opinions and behaviors are being shaped! I just heard something on television this morning that made great sense, although it was about angry teenagers, it may apply in this case also and it was: Teach and train your children from 0 to 10 years old, then Listen and learn them (all over again) from 10 to 20 years old! -- I thought this was simply elegant and brilliant.

It really is true that "we" (the collective we, as in society) are one type of person at younger ages and develop into assertive personalities only as the teenage years approach. This is when most children begin "testing the waters" of responsibility and seeing how much they can get away with as opposed to being completely under someone else's control. Safety first as young children, then reckless exploration as teens and young adults! After all, it is the young that are indestructible, right?

As for KimberlyAnnJ, since you noticed the noises and pretty much knew you were being watched, I think this is (sort of) consenting for the show to continue; would you agree with that thinking? I mean, the alternative would have been to collect your things and proceed right back to the family campsite and DEMAND something be done about the intrusion into your privacy. This might have even happened in the case of other campers, ones who took action and complained to the owners and others who packed up camp and left immediately. There really is no way to know how the situation has been dealt with in the past, but since the campground remained open and the peeking situation seemed well-planned, I suspect less ruckus had been made in the past.

Thank you for sharing this story and I hope my comments here aid others in viewing the situation IN ITS TOTALITY. There are things we choose to "allow" or participate in in life, and there are ones we would NEVER permit under any circumstances; these are the responsibilities of a civilized, social society.

that's so hot--luckily they didn't want a piece of the cake

You should have tested their appetite for nudity by not wearing clothes anywhere on the site after that - they could hardly object!

I think it might have been worth dropping a post-card or two to the owner that you noticed the management of the campground in charge of the showers had a habit of retiring to watch through the cracks in the shower wall. I'd also drop a line that the Sheriff's Department and licensing agency for your state's health department might take a dim view of such a viewing arrangement without the "victim's knowledge."

Unfortunately can't prove it--so just move on and don't go there again

Well, it actually would be fairly easy to send an undercover female officer to the campground and get them to repeat the steps described by KimberlyAnnJ in this experience. However, voyeurism seems to be one of the least harmful crimes we as a society should be worrying abount; in my opinion. So, even though I agree with Sassi, it seems like the decision on what to do is best left up to the individual at the time. If a person feels their privacy was invaded and this is totally unacceptable to them, then approaching the campground owners MAY be the easiest solution. Heck, it might be the first time in the history of the place that anyone cared enough to be outraged. We cannot know, and this is where each situation becomes the responsibility of the person involved rather than a responsibility of society at large. I feel society (i.e. the legal system) should only get involved when the victim feels powerless and as if they have no leverage in the situation whatsoever. In a case of peeping, the peeped person still has "power" if they are willing to exercise it.

Please be advised u know nothing about camping. If you stay at a non-franchise camp you have absolutely not recourse--next stay at the Yogi Bear camps--International hook-ups and this **** would not happen

A little teasing goes a long way, made their day and yours

Awesome story. There is something about their reaction which makes me think that they knew, or at least suspected, that you knew they were watching.

A feel bad for other women in those showers, not quite as confident about showing off as you are though. This could not have been a one-time incident.

Wow. I would probably do the same thing. I don't care when other people see me naked. It makes me so horny.

They are pervs, but glad you enjoyed it!

...a great turn on for you. ...umm huff i got no option to that....Well at least no-one got hurt, and those guys really need to fix that hole...shame on them.

I was ************ all the way through your story. <br />
Bloody wonderful and very horny!<br />
You must be real fun to know!

That's hot and your a good sport about it :)

have you had another experience similar to this since then? great story!!

good story very brave

Wow. Great story. Enjoy teasing people with glimpses of my body. Would be fantastic to do what you did,

you have much more self confidance than most people. you really did the right thing their (and made a few people happy :)

That's a great story! Love your attitude.

Great Story and as always these kind always sets me of.<br />
This is a true story that happened to us whilst holidaying in Spain last year.<br />
We decided to take a short 4 night Camping trip with 2 other couples and there 2 sons 1 from each.<br />
I was in our friends cabin deciding what to do that day before going to take a shower in the block opposite, after deciding i grabbed my towel and wandered over to take a shower. The block was made of wood and split into male 1 side and female the other with just 2 cubicles in each.<br />
As i was getting undressed i could hear the water running from the other side, i quickly glanced into the first open cubicle then to my surprise in the second was a large spit in the back wall joining the other side, so decide to use that cubicle hoping to see something interesting the other side.<br />
After a couple of minutes the water stopped so i discretely bent down to look through the split as i did i saw an eye looking through at me so i quickly moved and kind of made out i was picking some thing up, at that point i was starting to get really turned on as my wife of 3 years and 28 years old was never very adventures when it came to sex, or so i thought. <br />
I started to soap my hair and body slowly massaging my penis so as to give a good show, then i herd the shower come on again so i quickly bent down to look through the split in the wood to see the most beautiful shaved ***** and perfect arse, she was using what looked like a deodorant top or something similar to rub her ***** with she appeared to be getting really turned on by the little noises she was making. At this stage i had shot the biggest load straight into the split leaving her there ready for whoever was next to use the cubicle. As i walked back to our cabin i decided to stop by at both our friends cabins to tell the guys to get over the shower block quickly to get a free show, which they did. Leaving them to enjoy what i had been watching wandered back to our cabin only to find it locked with a note pinned to the door saying back in 10 mins over the shower block.<br />
To this day i honestly don't know if my buddies knew that it was my wife in the shower and neither she or i have said anything about that day. <br />
Should i tell her ?

I would not tell her everything. just make a comment about there being a crack in the shower and you think someone might have watched you. I would love to see her face when you tell her LOL, you can tell her that there wasn't anyone there when you looked but you heard the shower door closing.....

I came very close to being seen naked by accident, once. Here's the tale: Riding my motorcycle home on a hot summer afternoon on I-70 near Vale, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain air began to cool, so I pulled over at a public rest stop to put on a shirt and trade cutoffs for jeans. No cars or people at all, there at the rest stop (and I’ve been known to “streak” before) … so why not just change right there in the parking lot beside the bike? (There was nobody there, and it would only take me a minute.) I had to take my boots off to change my pants. But just as I got my shorts off (no underwear, and now wearing nothing but socks), here came a family car pulling in to the rest stop parking lot on the other side of the motorcycle, right beside me! I was stark naked! That unintended “streak” lasted for ten scrambling seconds before I got my jeans pulled up, and I believe they missed seeing me completely naked by about one second! Or maybe they did see, but they just couldn’t comprehend it!

Wow great story! Sure you put on quite the show for him :)

Wow. They're lucky. I wish i you could give me a show. Haha.. In my dreams.

if only all women were a comfortable with their bodies as you are, bravo.

I wonder why there are no more women like you here, were I live.

Of all your adventures, Kim, I think this was the hottest one...Had me fantasizing all morning, after i read it....Thanks!!

I have never shaved i still prefer my hair even if i have to groom see a woman with a thick pubic mound is so erotic!!

No i use a lady schick, and Skin So Soft afterwaords to keep it smooth.

Any nicks or cuts while shaving your mound?