The Maintenance Technician Saw Me Fully Naked

I'm a 39 YO married mom of 2 sons and a daughter; year ago I was taking shower when I heard the door ringing. It was the time of my husband's return from work. I went to open the door fully naked with good mind. I surprised by the maintenance technician coming to fix the TV. Quickly I let him in to the living room and explain the malfunction to him then I went to put on my robe... But he saw EVERYTHING: top and bottom, front and back. I put on my robe then I came to him and say: Sorry, I thought you are my husband... He said: Never mind madam you are so beautiful... Although he was staring at my naked privates, but he was very polite and talking skillfully.
I feel shame for that embarrassing station. Nobody saw me naked except my husband. And that guy watches every inch in my body: He saw the front while opening the door and telling me his job… He saw the but t while letting him in to the living room… He saw the front again in the room while explaining the malfunction of the TV to him… And he saw the but t again when I went quickly to my room to put on the robe… All that happened for about 3 minutes.

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Dont worry. There is a total double standard on nudity 95 of men like to see just about any shape or size woman naked. Meanwhile the percentage of women wanting to see the average guy is much much lower....


sounds like that had the potential to be a fun encounter

lucky TV technician

you have beautiful eyes wish I was the TV guy

I don't suppose you did him any harm by letting him see you.

Wow, if your beautiful face is any indicator, you are a beautiful woman and you ought to feel proud that you can have that effect. It was probably good for your morale. Good for you!

wish i had been at your door , being naked is natural and beautiful ,

Lucky guy, lol

Did it turn you on?

He'll never forget that house call! soooo lucky!

So awkward - but your did well and seem like a lovely person. Incidentally - what brand TV - i'm sure i could help and we could discuss your feelings about me seeing you naked so you could become more relaxed - like small glimpses, leading to more deliberate opening of your robe to eventually standing on your coffee table for me.

I liked it very much and you handeled yourself gracefully

Lucky man

what a lucky guy!!

wow lucky man

the same happen to my wife last year and thought it was me her husband coming from home but it was her brother-in-law so she went to after 5 min he seen me naked but it never come up again

Something like that happened with me with the UPS lady. She now knows that I swim nude in the in-ground pool that I have in my fenced in backyard.

Great story!

Hello lana9, you are so brave and I think you can also do it again. Go on and enjoy every minute. I like what you have done.

That was the best 3 minutes of his day!!!

Seems you are a very attractive woman, there is nothing wrong with showing your beauty and wearing it.. the TV technician was a guy getting lucky that day, you were are your own home been comfortable, you made a reasonable assumption that it was your hubby. I would find hot to get home and get the wife to open the door for me naked. Way back when we didnt have kids, we declared the weekend at home to be cloths free... we wouldnt wear clothes during the whole weekend while at home. It was one long weekend of foreplay.. great times.. lol

3 minutes? What else we want, anyway, maybe other 3 minutes.

Could not have been so bad If you waited to explain the problem to him.

I'd like to volunteer to *** over and work on your plumbing

You felt ASHAMED this guy saw you naked and saw every part? How do you feel about it now? In retrospect, does it REALLY seem that bad? <br />
<br />
I think you should try exploring this aspect of yourself. And as for the kids, try talking to other parents who have been in similar situations. <br />
<br />
Also, how do you feel towards your kids? Do you have any love for them that you haven't expressed? Have you told them how important they are in your life, and how much you love them? Do you want to touch them ... On their shoulders, arms, upper back, but refrained out of a sense of "propriety?" If not, do it, but start out in small steps ... Doing what comes naturally in European families might feel like a sudden gush to them, might overwhelm them, "weird" them out, so if you haven't been open in displays of affection, start out slowly. <br />
<br />
When I saw my mother recently, and we were in the kitchen together, as I was feeling a son's natural love towards his mother, I spontaneously gave her a brief shoulder massage, just to express to her how I feel. This is pretty late in life - I'm 59, and she's 90, and that was the first time there had been such a "physical" display of affection. But this would not have been possible while my father was alive. <br />
<br />
I'm suggesting this, because when children know how you feel towards them, they tend to be more accepting of the whole parent, not just the part that's out there for public consumption.

love it..... I know it made you wet.... so very nice and erotic

As someone who has a mom close to your age (42), I can say that either your kids are not going to care about how you dress or they are going to be excited about mom having fun again. My mom was same way for the longest time. Always worried about setting the example kind of thing. Then one weekend she and dad were going out for their anniversary and my sis and I took mom out to the spa for a make over and bough her a whole new outfit, lingerie and all. Since then, she is more relaxed about it all and she will actually talk with us about it sometimes too. Makes it more fun.<br />
<br />
My question would be was it kind of fun?

thanks astrome so much, my pic is when im 34 YO... kolinahr thank you my friend Convincing me to go to a nude beach and also to start wearing very tight jeans and super lowrise jeans and show more and more skin in public.. i never did that, but i need.. im in strog need to do that.. but.. what about my children?

Very lucky guy! Why can't I be that lucky? You look beautiful!