Surprise Sis

After an afternoon of shopping at the mall, my mom and I were coming home for dinner.  Dad was out of town and we were checking on my sis to see if she wanted to go out.  As we walked through the door, we could hear her music going.  We just figured she was upstairs.  As we walked through the living room, we saw two piles of cloths next to the couch.

Mom went over and picked up one of the shirts and looked at me funny.  We curiously went up stairs and could hear giggling and movement from sis's room with her music going.  The door was ajar as mom poked her head in to see what was going on.  By where we surprised.

My sister had invited a friend over to hang out.  Which was nothing big, we did that all the time.  It was the condition they were in that was the shock.  Our view was of her friend laying on her bed all dressed up in some of moms lingerie, stockings and a corset.  She was laying there rubbing her hands all over the material feeling it and herself.  She had her legs wide apart and had obviously enjoyed herself once or twice.

Then in walked my sister from the bathroom.  She had on a pair of moms garters and a pair of lace panties, nothing else.  She was playing with something in her hand.  As she walked into the room, she said something to the effect of trying to figure out how it worked.  Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted mom in the doorway with me over her shoulder and let out a squeel.  She overed her mouth and chest letting go of the small box in her hand letting it hang from her panties.

Her friend looked up and saw us as well and quickly covered up.  I had know my sis did this from time to time, I had as well trying to explore a little.  I was not sure how mom would take it.  She slowly walked up to my sis and looked her in the eye.  Then she slowly reached down and grabbed the plastic box and lifted it up.  With a flick of her thumb, my sister was suddenly wide eyed and gasping.  All mom said was, that how it works, now finish what you are doing and come down stairs.

She turned around and walked towards me, as by now I was laughing and gigling because of it all and the fact that she left it on when she walked away.  My sister could barely stand as moms egg must have been going crazy inside of her.

About 5 minutes later my sister came down and was picking up their cloths.  My mom said that they had 5 minutes to get dressed and ready to go.  My sis looked at me trying to figure out what was going on.  I did not know myself.

When they came down, mom told my sisters friend to call her mom.  She hesitated for a second, I thought my sis and her friend were going to cry.  Then mom continued, And asked her if you can go with us to dinner.  I was laughing again, mom was making this really fun.  For the first time, I was not the naughty daughter who had gotten into moms stuff.

At dinner, mom picked a nice quiet place where we could chat and just simply gave us a talk about caution.  It was kind of wild.  Mom was acting like a big sis who was giving us the low down on "life" as we chatted.  She basically said be careful of who we do what with and where.  She especially said that Daddy did not want to know what his inocent little girls were or did do.  If he had caught her, he would have freaked. 

It was a very crazy afternoon, but a very funny one since it was my sister who had gotten caught naked instead of me.

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Enjoyed the story. Very funny. You have a great mom.

Cool Mom....need more like her.

I loved that story I had a good laugh

Great story and great mom!

Cool story and amazing mom!! Thanks for sharing.

Love this story so much. Thanks for sharing. So very cool of your mom.

You Mom is super., and Im sure you got genes. Nice story and exiting set of girls.

Your Mom is definitely cool. And in that respect, at least, wise, and a very good parent. You and your sister should count yourselves very fortunate to have her. <br />
<br />
Be sure to tell her how much you love her, and appreciate her being the way she is.

Mom just wants to make sure we are friends when we get older. Does not want to be the one who is always telling everyone how her kids did not do what she wanted. She is also kind of getting into the naughty lifestyle. Its kind of funny to see.<br />
<br />
She will come to me and sis when she is getting ready for a date or weekend and ask us about what would be naughty or hot or what she should wear to tease daddy and things like that.

You have an awesome mom to be s understanding and non-judgemental.

What a great family ;-)

My mom is very cool. She does not assume anything and she does not judge anyone. She used to be very very very conservative, but as my sis and I have grown, she has become very understanding. First mom I know that really wants to know and understand where we are coming from. She has been very open and is a great friend.