Swimming Pool

I went swimming with my young family about 3 weeks ago on a Sunday morning less busy but more families had a great time, the lay out of the changing rooms is first the family area then through the appropriate door male or female changing rooms through to the swimming pool. when we finished swimming I went to get dry and dressed I go on my own to the mens and the kids go with my wife,  I had showered and taken my trunks off and was drying myself (we don't have separate cubicles like the ladies rooms do ours are open plan) when in walked a young mum looking for her husband and children to apparently help him dress them not realizing that the family changing room finished at the door to the mens by the colour of her face you could tell it was a genuine error she said sorry (didn't turn round and leave immediately though lol)  all I could do was stand there saying " but this is the mens changing room" naked as the day I was born and too bloody cold to get an erection lol she explained why she came in said sorry again and left. It was such a thrill for me and although I have been to naturist beaches theres nothing like the thrill of the unexpected.

gazza2001 gazza2001
Feb 8, 2010