Camp Shower

 I was 18 and one summer weekend a group of my friends went camping there was 6 of my friends and of course our girl friends, one morning I decided I was going to take a shower early so noone will walk in on me naked I was a little shy so while I was in the shower stall in they came. They tryed to get me out of the stall but i wouldnt budge so they ended up takeing my close and towel then they all ran out leaving me there naked as a jay bird nothing to hide behind. And to make it worse our camp site was across the camp ground. It took me a little while to get the nerve up 2 or 3 strangers came in of course seeing me standing there hands over my junk. So I decided to do it at this point I didn't care and to make it worse the camp groud was starting to move so I did it not really a run but more of a jog, To find out latter because there is video I wasn't even hiding the junk and the campers that day woulnt let it go. It was so embarrassing I didn't go camping for a while after that

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

i want to see that video :P

Glad you got over. Check out Nothingbuttasmile's stories. You should try to develop her attitude.