Thunder Storm

Well this story happened maybe a year ago about aug. I came home from a long days work, did a little chores around the house for a bit and decided to take a shower before anybody came home. I lived in a small house with some friends 2 guys and a lady. Well anyway I got undressed when all of a sudden there was the biggest  boom i ever heard so i jump ran out of the bathroom (naked) no towel ran to the front door peaked out the window didn't see anything . So I went to the back door no one could see me in the back yard so i went out to see dark skys there was lighting like crazy a thunderstorm was coming. when the wind picked up and the back door shut. And what do you know it was locked . so now i panic naked as can be i went to the front door to get in hoping it was unlocked, nope it to was locked

so now I'm stuck outside the house with nothing on and of course thats when the UPS truck arrives it was so embarrassing. cars driving by UPS delivery and next door neighbors mowing grass. After the UPS guy leaves I stayed in the back yard for roommates to come home. To this day now I hide a key in the yard and now the neighbors seem to greet me more often

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

"and now the neighbors seem to greet me more often" <br />
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Really now, was that such a bad experience?