School Girls Pulled My Pants Down

This happened. i was 13 years old and i was in the first grade with 3 other boys and 14 girls, one day 2 of the boys were sick and the other one was to the funeral of his grandpa. it was a very boring day and it just wouldn't seem to pass at the end of the day we had p.e. (physical education). this also was boring all the girls were watching me (i would like it now but at the time i didn't) when that was done we went back to the changing room. i was alone in there and the teacher already left (we had to go home on are one). when i was done changing i walked into the hallway and i could watch straight into the girl changing room cause they left the door open i got an erection then they saw me and closed the door. when they were done all the girls were giggling and pointing at me, i wonder why they were giggling but then one of em was behind me and i didn't noticed but she took my pants and underwear down and set her foot on it so i couldn't pull it up and then she pulled my shirt up so i couldn't see anything. so there i stood with my erection fully naked. they toke pictures and i felled them touching me. i stood there like that for 9 minutes, it was so embarrassing. when they released me i was angry and i sat on the ground not caring about that i was still naked i saw them leaving and i sat there for like half an hour, thinking about how embarressed i was. the next day they were making jokes about it,i never tolled someone what happened

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

yeah i got pantsed alot

yeah i been there but i was embarressed cuz they were laughing cuz my penis is small

well they didnt seem to laugh at your size at least but yes it was wrong of them

We're glad you got this off your chest. Please keep sharing.